Vollebak bills their neon green and granite Ocean Shorts as the “Super Car” of shorts.

In other words, they’re par for the course for the folks who brought us jackets made of Graphene and glass: as futuristic, over-engineered and Sci-Fi as clothing can be.

Ocean Shorts: Built for Versatility

Vollebak Ocean Shorts 3These highly technical, over-engineered shorts were built so you can rock them virtually anywhere: underwater, scuba diving, on a surfboard, on a mountain peak, or just around town. They’re the all-in-one, go-to board short.

The fabric isn’t isn’t turning any heads, at 66% nylon, 34% elastane. But Vollebak says it “scores 5/5” in abrasion resistance tests. And with a nifty a 4-way stretch, they’re just screaming for active use. They are also highly breathable and moisture-wicking for rapid dry times and insane comfort.

Over-Engineered Technical Build

It’s the construction techniques that really catch the eye. Vollebak laser-cut every single detail of these shorts. They replaced all seams and stitching with bonding. That way, there’s nothing ot chafe or unravel. Bartacks have been welded on. They welded each bottom hem. And the rear pocket has a rubberized zipper and laser-cut water-escape holes.

But hold up. We’re not done here. This is Vollebak, remember? The Green Shorts also rock a rope-tie fastening with welded and laser-cut holes; a bonded waistband, with elastic and silicon inner waistbands; and a 75% nylon, 25% elastane inner mesh lining Vollebak sourced from Italy. It’s even got a fluorocarbon-free plant-based water repellent coating (whatever that means).

Vollebak Ocean Shorts 2

The Super Car of Shorts, indeed. We’d bet these insanely overdone shorts simply won’t fail in even the worst of situations. The real question is whether you can afford their $245 price tag.

Buy - $245.00