Like High-Tech Clothing? Look no further than Vollebak. When they’re not making jackets out of glass, this London-based outdoor brand is making glow-in-the-dark hoodies. Or they’re making technical shorts for everything from the tallest Alpine peak to the surf spots. Looks like they may have just one-upped themselves with their new Carbon Fibre T-Shirt.

High-Tech Carbon Fibre Weave

Vollebak Carbon Fibre T-Shirt 3

Retailing for $110, the Carbon Fibre T-shirt takes the Space Age material that is currently taking the gear world by storm – and is used in building everything from jet engines to the International Space Station – and weaves it into an ultralight, ultra-comfortable and breathable athletic t-shirt. Each shirt uses over 120 meters of carbon fiber threads, which – despite their miniscule, smaller-than-human-hair size – are woven throughout a polyamide and elastane shirt in a hexagonal pattern, like that of graphite and graphene.

Weaving carbon fiber-  which is often touted as 5x stronger than steel by weight – into this shirt means that it is entirely abrasion-resistant and tough-as-nails across its entire surface, forming what is essentially ripstop. At the same time, it remains light and airy.

Vollebak Carbon Fibre T-Shirt 2

When we say light, we mean it. The Carbon Fibre T-shirt weighs a mere 6 ounces. Since it is a lighter grey color, it also won’t absorb as much heat as its predecessor, the Condition Black Ceramic t-shirt.

Serious Shirt For Serious Wear

At $110, it’s pricey for a t-shirt. No denying that. But you can expect a much longer lifespan than your typical cotton tee.