Vollebak is known for making some of the most-unusual, high-tech and specialized outdoor apparel out there. Their graphene jacket is just one example, and their glass jacket another. But the new 50,000 BC Jacket is by far the advanced and heavy-duty of them all.

The 50,000 BC Jacket is inspired by mankind’s history of exploration and great feats, which began around the 50,000 BC mark. And while the Earth is an inhospitable place – covered in ice, water, deserts and climates that make survival a tough task – they managed not only to thrive but to create civilizations and legacies. Vollebak says it would have been a heck of a lot easier with the 50,000 BC Jacket.

Built to keep you protected in the harshest and most dangerous of environments, this jacket emphasizes coverage and insulation. Made with a 4-layer bonded construction, it’s a completely windproof and waterproof, as well as packed full of wool insulation. The hood is absolutely massive and comes with a huge placket to protect your face from whipping winds and bitter, biting cold, as well to let water repel off quite naturally.  Built for a “truly nomadic lifestyle,” according to Vollebak.

Right now, few details are available, but it’s promised to come in Red Clay and Flint colors (very natural shades with historic connotations). All we know is that it looks like a veritable beast of a jacket, and if it’s anything like Vollebak’s other gear, it’s built from some of the most insane, technical materials available (they have a shirt made of 100,000 ceramic particles and a glow-in-the-dark rain shell). It’ll also likely be massively expensive.

You can get on the waiting list for this bad boy right now, and when it finally arrives, you’ll be equipped to explore the world’s harshest, most uncharted territories with it.