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Virtus 3-Layer Jacket System: Ultimate Tactical Outdoor Jacket

Virtus 3-Layer Jacket System

Virtus gear is built and designed by veterans, and infused with military style, spirit and heart. They build all their tactical gear to be used in rugged and extreme environments. The most demanding conditions. When reliability matters, their gear delivers. We’d certainly trust their 3-Layer Jacket system to keep us warm and dry in the most perilous of cold, wet and treacherous weather.

Virtus 3-Layer System: Helios, Aestras and Proteus

This 3-Layer Jacket system consists of Helios, Aestras and Proteus.

Helios is light everyday midlayer – good for both use as a baselayer in serious cold weather, and just for wearing on it’s own or over a t-shirt in shoulder seasons (or even when the temps drop in summer). With an athletic cut and 4-way stretch fabric, it’s suitable for any high-intensity endeavor…and works with you when you need to move fast and flexible.


Aestras is a classic fleece midlayer. Named for the “father of the four wind deities”, it’s made from Virtus’ patented Virtek 4-way stretch fleece; water-resistant, wind-resistant, moisture-wicking and breathable…and constructed with the abrasion-resistant durability of a tank. Wear it over your baselayer if the temps get frigid, and take advantage of the slim, athletic cut; it even rocks what they call a “glute-covering cut” in the back, so it doesn’t ride up when you sit or squat, or when you strap yourself into a climbing harness.

The third and final layer is Proteus – the all-weather shell. It’s 100% waterproof and made from their “special protected Tech.” That means waterproof shell fabric, sealed zippers, taped seams and zero external stitches. Proteus is a fantastically durable piece of kit for THE most demanding of situations. Roomy, it can accommodate both Helios and Aestras underneath…but isn’t so bulky as to weigh you down or restrict movement.

All-Weather Tactical Jacket System


Helios comes in Black and Arctic Grey, while Aestras and Proteus come in two camo patterns: NYX and EKHO, which are both functional 7-layer digital patterns; NYX engineered for night while EKHO is designed for daytime urban environments.

One thing is for sure. Virtus’ 3-layer Jacket System will protect you and keep your comfortable in the most extreme of weather…and if you do the math, isn’t a bad price for such a durable, versatile jacket system.

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