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Vibe Coolers Are As Good As Their Kayaks

Vibe Coolers

It doesn’t matter the time, place or weather- there will always be need of a good cooler, whether it’s for stashing beers or keeping food fresh on a roadtrip. So even though you’ve seen your fair share of heavy-duty coolers outlined here, we felt the need to highlight some Vibe coolers. Vibe’s bread-and-butter is kayaks, as well as other boating gear, but they also make an impressive lineup of hefty coolers. (Lots of brands are branching out from their original products now, kind of like how Otterbox started with phone cases and now makes rugged coolers. It’s the cool thing to do).

Built with a rotomolded construction (the same way some of the best kayaks are made; we can only assume it’s built out of the same polyethylene used in kayaks…), the Vibe Element cooler lineup is built for the toughest, most rugged conditions and abuse you can throw at them. The exterior is all one piece and is paired with rubber t-latches and carrying handles for durability and convenience. The insulated walls are up to 3” thick in some places – enough insulation to keep your drinks ice cold for days on end. Literally; ice can last for close to a week if packed properly, keeping your food cold and fresh with it.

Vibe spared no effort when designed and outfitting this cooler, either. Other exterior features include molded tie-down slots which double as accessory mounts, 2 built-in bottle openers, an integrated fish ruler for seeing how the fish you catch actually stack up, a rapid drain-flow spout, and even a pressure release valve to help when the lid gets stuck closed from pressure buildup inside. Rubber feet keep the cooler elevated off the ground for even more insulation.

Vibe Element Coolers come in 5 sizes, each named for their capacity in quarts. They are; the tiny Element 20, Element 45, Element 70, Element 75 with attached wheels for carting around easily, and the Element 110, which would be your best option for ultra-long camping trips. The Element 20 only costs about $129, while the Element 110 goes all the way up to $350, making them reasonably-priced options compared to some of the others out there. (Yeti, we’re looking at you). Grab one for your next weekend camping trip, or for stashing some snacks and beverages on the fishing boat.

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