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Vango Odyssey Inflatable Family Tunnel Tent: Lots of Space!

Main features of Vango Odyssey Tent:

  • AirBeam inflatable structure
  • Rod-free mounting, 8-min pitching
  • Patented TBS (tension-band system)
  • Ripstop Protex 70 denier 4000HH
  • Loads of living space

If your family is into camping, a spacious tent is a must-have. But how to find the best-quality tent with so many options on the market?

We reviewed various family tents from many renowned manufacturers and learned that Vango Odyssey ticks all boxes for being among the best.

This tent offers plenty of space for a 6-person group, but it also comes with an innovative mounting system and durable materials. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s check.

Impressive Structural Stability

First, we should mention that Vango Odyssey features an inflatable structure. The patented AirBeam technology offers rod-free mounting. Of course, a double-action pump comes as a part of the package. The entire pitching process can be over in less than eight minutes!


Many people have doubts about the strength of inflatable tents. Well, Vango Odyssey is a model that will turn you into a believer in no time. Moreover, the structural stability provided by flexible beams beats fixed systems any day of the week. Especially in rough weather, air-filled structures can move and shift with the wind, which is impossible for a rigid tent architecture.

High-Quality Materials

The super-sized Vango Odyssey is an elite-range model, so it’s not surprising to see only the best materials on this tent. It all starts with Protex 70 denier, a ripstop and waterproof fabric. This patented material is sturdy and durable, and it also comes together with fully sealed seams. Therefore, you can use Vango Odyssey as an all-year tent.

Likewise, you’ll get a rugged sheet for the ground at the front entry. So, even if you bring snow and mud on the boots, the fabric will survive for years.

An Expanse of Living Space

Speaking of the front entry area, we should mention that this tent comes with two doors. You’ll also get one on the side of the Vango Odyssey. Best of all, an impressive living space awaits those who enter this premium tent. Flexible sleeping rooms allow you to expand the areas by removing the separators.

Also, we should mention Vango’s excellent attention to detail. Namely, the tent comes equipped with dozens of pockets and organizers. Besides the dedicated shoe space, you’ll also find various compartments for your belongings. As we said, this is a 6-person tent, and everyone will find room for storing their phones, laptops, or clothes.

Is It Worth It?

Admittedly, Vango Odyssey Inflatable Family Tunnel Tent is not the cheapest out there. It comes at a relatively high price, but it offers a wide range of features in return.

From a spacious interior to a durable outer shell, this tent has everything. Best of all, the AirBeam inflatable structure provides effortless setup and portability. Vango Odyssey is an ideal option for large families or groups of friends who want to spend time outdoors and stay warm and dry.




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