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Valtcan Titanium Carabiner Multi-Tool: Superior Craftsmanship

Valtcan Titanium Carabiner Multi-Tool

Have you ever thought about this? During the course of a day, how many different tools do you use in everyday activities? We are always prying, screwing, unscrewing, or “herding” tools…and looking for the tools to carry out those tasks. The Valtcan Titanium Carabiner Multi-Tool has just the right tools and features to make our lives more streamlined and convenient. No more, “Honey, where is my yada yada yada.”

So for a multi-tool to really be convenient, it has to be lightweight and compact. The Valtcan Titanium Carabiner Multi-Tool fits the bill. The overall size and weight makes it almost unrecognizable as you everyday carry.

Major Features
  • It’s Titanium! This lightweight, four times the strength of steel, non-corrosive alloy is perfect for your EDC gear. At 17.8 grams (only 0.64 oz.), you will hardly feel it in your pocket or attached to your belt loop. With a size of 2.3 inches x 1.0 inch x 0.2 inches, attaching it in just about any location will hardly be noticeable.
  • The larger carabiner feature allows you to attach a number of items, such as keys, grocery bags, or other carabiners. The heavy-duty clasp will hold your gear securely. On the opposite end is a smaller loop for additional attachments.
  • The 2.3-inch multi-tool is uniquely designed to include both a Philips head and a flat-heat screw driver, a hex, and a bottle opener.
  • The Glossy Stonewash feature adds a touch of class to this everyday carry item. The superior craftsmanship is immediately noticed.

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