With Fall just around the corner, the chill and crisp bite of the morning air aren’t fall behind. It’ll be time to break out a warm jacket before you know it. This year, we recommend suiting yourself up with L.L Bean’s Upcountry Waxed Cotton-Down Jacket.

LL Bean Upcountry

Warm and fluffy, the Upcountry is a classic hunting style coat – a timeless style. The exterior shell is their updated version of waxed cotton, which means it is waterproof, wind resistant and built to last. Inside, they’ve stuffed it with their DownTek 650-fill. It’s a down coated with water-repellent coating that repels 33% more moisture than regular down and dries 66% faster. So even if water does manage to get in there, it’ll dry right out and keep you warm with ease.

On top of that, it’s still 20% lighter than their previous down jacket…A couple of front flap pockets, rust-resistant brass hardware and cozy corduroy flaps and pockets finish the ensemble. LL Bean Upcountry

It’s hard to think of a more classic jacket than the Upcountry to rock this fall and into the winter. L.L. Bean is one of our oldest and most respected outdoor clothiers thanks to their 107 years of history, and we know this jacket is going to last you many seasons of chilly, wet weather. Right now, it’s even 20% off.