In our effort to highlight the best of American-made brands, we’ve be remiss if we didn’t mention United by Blue. These guys from Philadelphia have a mission to not only create and make of the most stylish, high-quality clothing and outdoor gear they can, but also to be as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible. Their textiles are made from either organic materials, such as wool or cotton, or recycled polyesters. And for every single piece of clothing they sell, they go out and remove one pound of trash from a river, stream, or ocean. Sounds like they actually put some effort into it.

The United by Blue Ultimate American Jacket is one beast of a winter coat, a jacket they claim is made to remind you of the thick coat of a bison. It’s made entirely here in North America of American materials; in particular, the 200gsm of B100, a blend of bison fiber and recycled polyester, that is not only wicked warm down to insanely cold temperatures, but temperature regulating, moisture wicking. It even has antimicrobial properties.

The shell is made from breathable, waterproof nylon, and the removable vest on the inside is 100% sheepswool. Furthermore, it’s got taped seams and water-resistant zipper to keep the water out, articulated sleeves for range and mobility, and fourteen pockets between the inside and outside – meaning you’ve got enough storage for just about anything you need to carry.

Lastly, the Ultimate American Jacket is backed with United by Blue’s lifetime guarantee and again, is proudly made in USA. This is a jacket that will serve you well whenever the coldest weather or rain of the year hits, and you can take pride in its quality.

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