Main features of the Seventy2 Pro Survival System:

  • 600D dual-coated tarpaulin shell
  • 100% waterproof, 36L storage area
  • Tools and provisions for two people
  • Updated First Aid Pro kit
  • Multiple external and internal pockets
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and back panel
  • Available in four color combinations

What if we tell you that pre-made survival kits are not all made the same and that the best survival systems meet most users’ needs?

For instance, the comprehensive Uncharted Supply Seventy2 Pro Survival System ticks every box in the book, providing protection and sustenance for two people during the critical 72 hours after the disaster.

Sounds impressive? We thought so, too, and that’s why we tested this survival kit to see how it behaves in real-life situations.


Over the years, Uncharted Supply Co. climbed to the top, ranking among the leading names in the survival gear market. After all, a group of philanthropists founded this company with a mission to prepare people for any emergency.

Likewise, Uncharted Supply tries to educate and bring innovative survival products to everyone, not only preppers and doomsayers. So, this brand’s portfolio features first-aid kits, waterproof backpacks, and power systems alongside the typical survival kits.


Emergencies and disasters are about the survival of the fittest. So, a well-built survival kit can mean the difference between life and death.

Since online retailers and land-based shops offer various products, here’s how to separate the best survival systems from the rest.


Your survival gear and EDC equipment should offer maximum usability and convenience. After all, no one wants to lose precious seconds learning how to use the tools by reading the instructions. Thus, check if the survival kit features easy-to-use gear with quick-access openings in the bug-out bag.


The second step would be to check the tools and other supplies in the survival system. Of course, you can always customize the kit and add various items, but the goal is to buy a complete system without spending extra cash. Therefore, go through the list and see if the collection could cover all eventualities.


The best outdoor gear is sturdy and resilient, which applies to high-quality survival systems. They must handle inhospitable terrain and plenty of wear and tear. So, double-check the materials and fabrics to find the best bug-out bag. Likewise, look at the stitching and padding.


Finally, we should mention that the best survival systems are not necessarily the most expensive. On the contrary, even a budget-friendly survival kit can get the job with adequate provisions and tools. Therefore, compare several models and look at the price tags to find survival systems offering the best price-to-value ratio.


After the success of the first generation, Uncharted Supply decided to take the game to the next level and rebuild the award-winning Seventy2 survival system. The second iteration, i.e., the Pro version, is beefed up and more versatile than the previous model.

As we said, Seventy2 Pro is a two-person kit designed to get you through the critical 72 hours after the disaster. But, of course, there’s more than meets the eye with this survival system, so let’s check it out.


Before focusing on the individual elements in this survival kit, we should mention the excellent materials and top-drawer craftsmanship. After all, Uncharted Supply plays no games with the quality of its products, and the durable Seventy2 Pro survival backpack illustrates the company’s philosophy.

In other words, this bug-out bag features a heavy-duty 600D tarpaulin shell, capable of handling almost anything you throw in its path. Also, you’ll be glad to hear that the material is 100% waterproof. The inside shell offers 48 liters of volume, translated to 11 pounds of total carry weight.


As the name says, the feature-packed Uncharted Supply Seventy2 Pro Survival System offers food and provisions for the 72-hour post-disaster window. After all, statistics reveal that this period is critical for resolving 95% of survival-related situations.

For that reason, this survival backpack features various tools, including a full-tang knife, a flashlight, and even a shovel/pickaxe. Moreover, a multitool with pliers, a saw, and a screwdriver will come in handy in multiple situations.

At the same time, the Seventy2 Pro survival system includes 2x 1200 cal survival bars and a mini water-filtration system. There’s even a 48-oz stainless steel water container.


As you would expect from a top-quality survival kit, Seventy2 Pro includes various elements for first responders and medical emergencies. So, besides a 50 SPF sun protection, you’ll also find 15x antibacterial wet wipes and 2x air masks. In addition, the separate Uncharted First Aid Kit is detachable and packed with emergency supplies.

We should also mention that the Uncharted Supply Seventy2 Pro survival system offers excellent protection against cold and frostbites. Namely, this kit comes with a Mylar tent/shelter, an emergency blanket, and 2x 100% acrylic beanies. You’ll also get two pairs of waterproof, insulated gloves.

Starting a fire is an essential step for surviving in the wild, and that’s why this survival system comes with Stormproof matches, a Ferro rod, and a flint striker.


The comprehensive Seventy2 Pro survival backpack can act as a classic bug-out bag. Thus, you’ll have peace of mind and a chance to intervene when a disaster strikes. Most importantly, this kit is lightweight and easy to use, given that Uncharted Supply improved the shoulder straps and added hip straps for extra comfort.

Also, the external strap system lets you attach various items and tools, including tents, sleeping bags, or additional water bottles.


Even though the pricey Uncharted Supply Seventy2 Pro survival system is among the most expensive survival kits, you’ll never regret having it by your side. This professional survival backpack could be a worthwhile investment for traditional preppers. At the same time, anyone interested in protecting themselves and their loved ones could benefit from having a top-rated survival kit within reach.