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U-Turn Audio: Classic Turntables With Modern Appeal (And Modern Tech)

U-Turn Audio Turntable

Turntables and classic vinyl are unbeatable – the best way to enjoy music the way it is meant to be enjoyed, with the fullest sound possible. But finding a good turnable can be tricky; while there are plenty of options, most  have a pretty old-fashioned aesthetic. On top of that, they tend to be very expensive – often prohibitively expensive. Cue U-Turn Audio’s entrance. 

U-Turn Audio TurntableU-Turn Audio hails from Woburn, Massachusetts. They created their first turntable in 2012 as an answer to a serious problem in the turntable market: few turntables that effectively balanced top-quality Hi-Fi audio with affordable price. ‘Twas a hit: they made 10,000 turntables in the next three years – all right at home in their Massachusetts shop. That’s right – these turntables are Assembled in the USA, with most of their parts being sourced and manufactured locally as well. That means quality you can count on – and a 2 Year Warranty for even more peace of mind. 

U-Turn Audio Turntable 2

In terms of technical specs, the U-Turn Basic Turnable uses an external belt drive paired with a Audio-Technica CN5625AL cartridge with conical diamond stylus, both sitting on a low-resonance MDF platter. The MDF and external drive – with rubber dampers – eliminate as much noise and interference as possible; the Precision OA2 gimbal tonearm promises low distortion and has an internal anti-skate; and the 33/45 RPM playback is even and smooth. Spend another $70 and get a pre-amp built in for even louder, almost-plug-and-play listening. 

As for the music’s actual quality? We can only bet that it’s as top-notch as everyone says it is. Add this to your listening wish list and enjoy all your favorite tunes as originally intended. 

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