Security, Evasion and Survival–The U.S. Mint Nickel Spy Coin is suitable to covert carry of whatever will fit in it. Spy coins aren’t anything new. During the Cold War, spies from both the East and West used hollow coins to transport secret messages suicide poisons, and microfilms without detection. Spy coins still have their place in today’s pocket change. Even a professional warrant search will not succeed in finding your most private information.

The Nickel Spy Coin is only 0.077 inches thick but still can conceal a micro SD card. The covert nickel is an expertly hand-machined U.S. Mint coin to create a secret interior compartment. Once the coin is closed, it’s almost impossible to distinguish the coin from a regular coin with the naked eye. There is a slight weight difference as well as a different “ping” sound. However, to the eye, you won’t be able to see the difference. Handle the coin with no caution. A special device to open the coin is supplied with the covert coin.

Covert coins are available in other denominations and in international coins. You may be interested also in the spy/covert bolt.


U.S. Mint Spy Coin