When the snow falls this winter – and in considerable amounts – you might find yourself reaching for a pair of snowshoes for your next hike. Snowshoeing can even be a hobby in its own right – a fun, less-exhausting way to practically float across the snow, instead of sinking into it. If you’re looking to tackle some snowy trails but aren’t looking to blaze any yourself, reach for the TLS Symbioz Elite, a pair of  “hyperflexible” snowshoes ready for packed trails and light snow.

The Symbioz Elite are noticeably narrower and with a slimmer profile than many other snowshoes; this makes them less appropriate for deep, unpacked snow, but makes them lighter and more wieldy when you are hiking on well-traveled, packed trails. They are also “hyperflexible,” allowing them to adapt much more flexibly to the terrain, absorb shocks much better, and provide extra traction by digging right into the snow instead of sliding around. And when we say hyperflexible, we mean it; these things can practically bend in half, though normal hiking use will likely never put that much flex on them,

Vertical blades and stainless steel bidirectional crampons – designed like mountaineering crampons – on the bottom of the snowshoes also help when going uphill and downhill as well as adding side to side stability and traction. Carbon reinforcements also help reduce overall vibration when hiking to make things more comfortable than ever before.

Finally, there’s TSL’s Ascent Heel Lift, which can be easily activated by pushing the pole. Overall, the Symbioz Eite aren’t a cheap pair of snowshoes, but they are good pair, even without wide flotation. The slim profile means they are pretty light, at only 2 pounds a pair, making them excellent for long day hikes, especially in shallow or packed snow. And, the ultra-flexibility and shock-absorbing traction ensure they’re easy and comfortable on any terrain.

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