Interested in hammock camping, but don’t want to go it alone?

Regular hammock camping can be a lonely experience, with most hammocks designed to hold one person only. Double hammocks do exist – they just tend to be heavy. Oftentimes they barely even hold enough weight for two. And when you’re traveling ultralight, every ounce counts; you don’t want to be carrying a 2+ pound hammock.

Furthermore, camping hammocks from premium brands can get expensive. But it turns out there some great, budget camping hammocks out there.

In the quest to find the strongest, lightest camping hammock – at the lowest price possible – we found the brand new Grand Trunk Trunk Tech and the MsForce Double Camping Hammock.

Grand Trunk TrunkTech: Superb Strength-to-Weight Ratio
TrunkTech Hammock Ultralight Camping Hammock

This new hammock from Grand Trunk weighs well under a pound – only 11.1 ounces – but can hold up to 500 pounds at once. If you do the math, that is something like 683 times its own weight – a solid weight-to-strength ratio that just barely edges out the Serac XL. The double model weighs 15.5 pounds and can still hold 500+ pounds, giving it a strength-to-weight ratio of 516.

Ultralight, Weatherproof Camping Hammock Construction

How can something so light be so dang strong? Is it made from titanium or something?

Nope – just from their own 40D Diamond Ripstop Nylon, which is also entirely weatherproof – waterproof, windproof – so backpackers can take it with them anywhere, and with ease. And since it’s ripstop nylon, it’s also entirely breathable and quick-drying – also important factors for overnight trips where warmth and comfort are at a premium. Grand Trunk also says it is mildew-resistant, which is excellent in case it can’t dry out completely on your backpacking trips.

Fancy technical features aside, this is a packable and convenient hammock. In addition to being ultralight, it packs down into a built-in stuff sack, where it’s about the size of your water bottle.

Strongest Camping Hammock Ever? Try the MsForce Double Camping Hammock

A 500-pound capacity is solid for any camping hammock, but the MsForce Double Hammock offers 720 pounds. That’s almost 50% more capacity – from a hammock costing about 1/3 of the price.

The flip side is that the MsForce weighs twice as much as the TrunkTech – 22.8 ounces, to be exact. That works out to a strength-to-weight ratio of 505:1, or roughly 73% of what the TruckTech Single offers and JUST UNDER what the TrunkTech Double offers.

The MsForce is, like the TruckTech, waterproof and windproof. And it’s designed to quickly and easily convert into a tarp or A-frame tent for when the weather turns nasty.

MsForce vs TrunkTech: Which Hammock Should You Get?

If you’re looking for the lightest weight possible – but still want to share a hammock – then you’ll probably like the Grand Trunk TrunkTech. 500 pounds is more than enough for two people, and the 683:1 strength-to-weight ratio is unbeatable. It’s a solid, weatherproof hammock from reputable manufacturer and is sure to please on any backpacking trip. Bonus Points: It’s way cheaper than a lot of other camping hammocks.

If you just want to carry a heavy payload at the lowest price possible, the MsForce is a fine choice – and much higher quality and more durable than you would expect from something that inexpensive.