What’s to like about TROVA GO+plus Biometric Safe:

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Secure biometric authentication
  • App-controlled system
  • Discreet and practical design
  • Travel-friendly, portable shape
  • USB-C charging port
  • Lithium polymer battery (up to 73 days)

Hiding in plain sight can be an effective strategy in many situations. The same goes for keeping your belongings away from prying eyes, and the only thing you need is a subtle and inconspicuous container.

For instance, the cool-looking TROVA GO+plus Biometric Safe offers secure storage while resembling a power bank or a hard drive. Thus, you can exercise privacy and have peace of mind without worrying that anyone will think you have something valuable to hide.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s check.


Since TROVA is one of the new kids on the block, it’s only fair we say a few words about the brand before focusing on the actual TROVA GO+plus safe box. Namely, this American company debuted its lineup at CES 2021, collecting awards and attracting the attention of many.

In essence, privacy is the name of the game with TROVA, and the brand manufactures several products focused on secure storage and privacy protection. Besides the portable TROVA GO, TROVA GO+plus, and TROVA SLEEVE, the company also offers TROVA HOME, an in-home biometric safe.


If the massive, standalone safes like the sturdy TROVA HOME are not your cup of tea, a portable safe could be right up your street. Yet, finding a top-quality lockbox can be easier said than done, given the array of options on the market.

But if you don’t give up easily, here’s what to consider to separate the best portable safe boxes from the rest.


Size and shape should be the first elements to check when looking for a new vessel to store your belongings safely. The container must be spacious enough to hold the items while remaining pocket-friendly and easy to carry. Likewise, check the weight if you need a lightweight box.


Subtlety is essential for hiding in plain sight, and your new portable safe box must have a discreet and unassuming design. In other words, it shouldn’t advertise its purpose. Then again, we all want to carry stylish gadgets and devices, so look for elegant models that fit your overall style and preferences.


The next aspect could sound paradoxical, but it’s not. The box should be secure and unbreakable, preventing anyone from opening it. At the same time, it should provide full access as you say ‘open sesame.’ Therefore, look for models offering hassle-free opening, and check if the device has extra features such as straps or separate compartments.


The last element worth mentioning would be the cost, given that many expensive safe boxes will only be a waste of your hard-earned money. Instead, we recommend comparing several solutions to find the boxes offering the best price-to-value ratio. Of course, high-end lockboxes like TROVA GO+plus are pricier for a reason, so if you want the best—prepare to pay the price.


As the name implies, the TROVA GO+plus Biometric Safe is the improved version of the TROVA GO model. If you wonder where the differences are, you could be disappointed because the only notable change is the carrying capacity, i.e., the interior volume.

Notably, the TROVA GO+plus portable lockbox offers 60% more storage space than the ‘standard’ version by being 30% deeper than the TROVA GO. The outside dimensions remain the same, with the devices mimicking the looks of a hard drive or a power bank.


The dependable TROVA GO+plus biometric safe has a compact body built from a resilient, CNC-machined aluminum alloy. The metal construction never feels flimsy or squeaky, although it couldn’t stand a chance against a sledgehammer or a drilling machine. Yet, no one will open your TROVA GO+plus without making some serious noise.

Even though this stash box is not submergible, it will provide decent water protection. On top of that, the silicone seal on the lid will conceal any odors, making the GO+plus model ideal for stashing away your cannabis-based, medically prescribed products.


Of course, the TROVA GO+plus’ rugged metal body will protect various other items and paraphernalia, such as credit cards, cash, watches, jewelry, or pills. You choose the contents, and it’s up to you to fill the safe box with secrets and objects worth protecting from unwanted access.

The magnetic storage strap will provide organizational options and keep rings or bracelets in place. Thus, the items will not fly around when you stash the box in your jacket or backpack. After all, this portable unit is compact and travel-ready, and it will fit into almost any handbag, purse, day pack, or rucksack.


TROVA GO+plus is a high-tech, biometric safe box, allowing you to open it with a fingerprint or a face scan. Of course, this portable safe is app-controlled, and you’ll need to install the official TROVA app. The setup should be a snap; after that, use the app and the paired smartphone whenever you want to open the safe.

Thanks to the powerful battery, TROVA GO+plus biometric safe should stay on for up to 73 days. We couldn’t test these numbers, so you’ll have to take TROVA’s word for it. In any case, the discreet USB-C charging port is always ready. Once the red LED is on, connect the charger.


Available only in the elegant Charcoal color, the updated TROVA GO+plus retails at $249, ranking among the most expensive portable safes in 2022. Yet, this model could be a worthwhile investment for travel enthusiasts and anyone requiring discretion and privacy.

If you want peace of mind and stay worry-free, TROVA GO+plus biometric safe ticks every box in the book. This stylish device is worth every dollar, although it might not fit everyone’s budget.