Trail shoes come in a variety of styles and price points, from the moderately-priced to the more expensive. But it’s rare to find a pair of very cheap running shoes that are anything but average, which is why this pair of minimalist outdoor footwear from Troadlop was such a pleasant surprise; they’re durable and of good quality, light and comfortable and perform well on the trail, and stylish too – while still available for less than half of what most similar shoes would cost you.

If that sounds too good to be true, we’re not going to claim that these are made to the same standards of bulletproof quality as a pair of trail runners from Salomon, for example. But cheaper, more-reasonably priced options are popping up on Amazon for everything from headphones to coffee tables, so they’re still worth checking out.

Troadlop’s trail running shoes are built on a rubber sole, with a lightweight mesh and split leather upper. This allows your feet to dry quickly and easily whether running through muddles or just sweating, while the rubber soles keep your feet firmly planted wherever you are. The insoles are breathable and anti-bacterial, to prevent odors from forming. And the shoes are designed to slip on and off super easily.

What are they good for? Troadlop claims they’re good for everything from hiking to trail running to wakeboarding and kite-surfing. The design is obviously quite similar to Five Fingers, so we’d say they’ll work for virtually anything you’d like to throw at them. If you’re not used to minimalist shoes, they may not be the most comfortable option for trail running, as your feet will take time to acclimate. But once they have acclimated, many people find the ultralight weight (.3 kg) and lack of padding far more comfortable and faster than the padded, bulky shoes so many of us are used to.

And besides, who can complain when they’re this affordable? Troadlop shoes may not be as well-known, but a lot of people find they hold up quite well for the price asked. When you’re on a budget, what else matters?

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