The answer to that question isn’t a strict yes, but the nearly $600 price tag for these boots made us do a double take. Another pair of leather boots might make you roll your eyes, but generally, everything Triple Aught Design makes is worth the price, and these are a collaboration with White’s boots – so they’re worth checking out – even if asking that much for a pair of leather jump boots seems a bit much.

Based on the classic jump boot from WWII, the White’s MP Service Boot is entirely hand built from start to finish. White’s has been making boots for 150 years, they know what they’re doing when it comes to handcrafting. Literally every piece is done manually. The boots is built on a Barrie dress shoe last, with leather shank and midsole, and using full-grain Horween Chromexcel leather – literally some of the finest, most rugged leather in the world. The Norwegian Welt means they can be resoled and recrafted time and time again.

The TAD Edition also features some cool TAD details that set it apart: gunmetal eyelets, gunmetal topstitching, triple-needle toe cap stitching, and a TAD logo on each boot. They also feature a Commando sole, a lug pattern that eventually led to the creation of Vibram.

The real question, of course, is whether they are worth $595. We’ll leave that up to you, but we will say this: we’ve seen few boots as beautiful, well-crafted and guaranteed to last a long, long time, as the White’s MP TAD Edition.

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