For some of us, swimming just doesn’t cut it. Maybe we’re lazy, or maybe we just have a need for speed (even underwater), but swimming and kicking just doesn’t do it for us. Which might be why the folks at Geneinno created an underwater scooter, dubbed the Trident, for propelling through the water with almost no effort on your part.

This appropriately-named Trident device will propel the more adventurous (as well as lazier) of us through the water with 26 pounds of thrust, which comes out to about either 2.2 or 4.3 miles an hour. That’s not particularly fast but will save you quite a bit of effort underwater – and keep you swimming even longer than without. (And of course, the heavier you are, the slower it will actually pull you). You control it via a finger trigger.

The makers of the Trident scooter claim it can take you down to a depth of 164 feet, which is actually pretty respectable and means it will work for almost all SCUBA diving. You can even mount a GoPro to it, so you can record your underwater adventures for the world to see. The power comes from a 24v, 6000 mAh lithium battery, which should last about 1 hour of continuous swimming on a completely full charge.

Sound like something you’d like to try? You can sign up over at IndieGogo for their mailing list, although the true crowdfunding campaign has yet to be launched. It’ll retail for somewhere between $299 and $499; we’ve heard both and can’t confirm either way. In the meantime, you can also head over to their website and try to decipher their text.

Overall, it’s a little bit weird, pretty cool, and probably totally unnecessary. We’re not sure why it’s called an “underwater scooter,” a term which makes it sound like a kid’s toy – when it can obviously go to some decent depths. (How about propeller, or personal submarine, or something more . . . more). But it still sounds like fun.

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