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Trade Coffee Review: The Ultimate Online Coffee Shop

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Note: We’d like thank Trade Coffee for hooking us up with a few delicious roasts to try out for ourselves: Caffe Vita Organic French Roast, DOMA The Chronic Super Dank, and Irving Farm Gotham from New York.

Coffee is more than a drink. It’s a way of life. A ritual – one that can’t be skipped without running the risk of ruining your whole day.  And not just because the caffeine; the taste of coffee – and the art of it – really are what keep us coming back for more.

For those who feel this way, those bags of coffee you snag from the grocery store just aren’t all that great. There’s thousands of different coffees and varietals out there. Limiting yourself to the dozen or so roasts from Starbucks that the local chain offers just doesn’t cut it.

We all crave a bit of coffee adventure. That’s why so many people sign up for subscription coffee boxes – even if they cost more.


Coffee subscriptions open up a whole wide world of new, sometimes exotic blends and roasts from any number of origins, roasteries and sources. And they take the work out of trying all these new ones; carefully curated new blends arrive on your doorstep like clockwork. All you have to do is grind them and brew them.

That’s the driving force behind Trade Coffee – the latest-and-greatest coffee subscription to hit the ‘net.

Trade Coffee: 400+ Coffees to Choose From

Launched in early 2018 by JAB Holdings – the owners of household coffee names such as Stumptown and Intelligentsia – Trade Coffee works just a bit differently than many of the other coffee subscriptions out there…one reason being that you don’t have to sign up for a subscription.

Prefer to directly order just one of the 400+ distinct coffees from their wide variety of artisan roasters across the country? You’re welcome to do just that.

They have one of the largest selections of artisan roasts on the web – from the chocolatey sweet Emporium House Blend from Cuvee Coffee to DOMA’s La Bicicletta Organic Blend.

There’s no need to subscribe to get a bag of any of these – although signing up nets you a hefty discounts. They even toss in free shipping.

But subscriptions are where Trade Coffee shines. They present two subscription options. First is The Classics, which delivers two bags of lower-priced-but-still-craft-and-delicious coffee per shipment. The other is The Hookup, and it delivers one 12 oz. bag of award-winning craft coffee per shipment, selected out of their wide variety – with a variable price to match.

Before you sign up, however, you must Get Matched by taking their coffee quiz. This quiz asks you about your typical coffee drinking habits, preferred tastes (if you have them), and brewing methods. Use an Aeropress or a French press? That plays into their decision, as does whether you like it black or with cream and sugar. (Black all the way, please)

If you’re not a coffee pro, don’t sweat it; they make it easy for the beginner aficionados amongst us, too.

Once they know the kind of Coffee Person you are, Trade Coffee matches you with the coffees they think you’ll like best. And you get to give feedback on every bag in the Trade app, which helps them fine-tune the selection to exactly as you like it over time.

Choose from a weekly or monthly coffee shipment – and enjoy. You’re on your way to a perfectly tuned, craving-satisfying coffee ritual.

Trying some Trade Coffee: Caffe Vita Organic French Roast

We’d like thank Trade Coffee for hooking us up with a few delicious roasts to try out for ourselves: Caffe Vita Organic French Roast, DOMA The Chronic Super Dank, and Irving Farm Gotham from New York. All came in neat 12-ounce packages with attractive labels…and each clearly had its own definition of “attractive.”

Caffe Vita Coffee

Caffe Vita’s Organic French Roast was the first bag we ripped open. This medium dark roast from the Seattle-based roastery is touted as “study abroad in a cup,” a full-bodied blend of Central American, African and Indonesian Bourbon and Typica varietals. A combo of washing and semi-washing is used in the process.

Upon opening the bag, a strong, fresh, purely-coffee aroma hit us – one that struck us as earthy and fruity at first. While relatively-fresh roasted, the beans were not extremely oily. They struck a perfect chocolate brown color. The strong coffee aroma filled the room as we ground the beans up, and we popped a cup into the coffee maker.

The resulting drink? Light and sweet. Lighter than your typical French Roast, which is often dark and smoky (like Viennese). The Trade website says a bit syrupy. We found that the case in flavor but not in the consistency.

Overall? We’d make Organic French Roast a part of our coffee rotation.

Trade Cold Brew Bags

Trade Coffee understands making the perfect cup of coffee relies on gear and technique as much as it does the right beans. That’s why they sell a selection of coffee-making equipment to help you get started. And right in time for this summer, they’re launching these new Cold Brew Bags that will make brewing your next cup of cold brew as ridiculously easy as possible.

These travel-friendly bags are as simple as they get; eco-friendly, corn-based fiber pieces that can be easily filled with your favorite grind and popped into a container of cold water. Let it brew for 12-24 hours…and Voila. Perfectly cold brew coffee. Anytime. Anywhere. Recycle the bag and enjoy your coffee.


These Cold Brew Bags are decidedly less expensive than many other options, too – with 20 bags costing only $7.50.

The Ultimate Coffee Shop

Trade Coffee wants to be your one-stop shop for delicious coffee roasts and essential coffee gear. We think they’ve succeeded. They’re quickly becoming the Ultimate Digital Coffee Shop…and we look forward to trying out the rest of the roasts they’ve sent us.

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