Many outdoor enthusiasts care about how sustainable their gear is – especially so when that gear involves down. Goose down is nature’s best insulator and a fantastic material, and where that down is sourced from is a major part of its quality and reliability. For those who care about sustainability, where the down is sourced is doubly vital. That’s where Track my Down comes in.


Track My Down is a project of ALLIED Feather and Down, one of the world’s largest suppliers of goose down to outdoor and clothing brands. Using a special hang tag attached to your piece of down gear, you can look up the brand’s lot number or scan the unique QR code on the tag and Track my Down will locate the exact batch the down was sourced from. You’ll get the type of down use, the origin and even the quality of the fill used. If it’s certified in any way (Bluesign, Fair Trade, etc), you’ll see that too. Whether it’s from a European Grey Goose or an American Snow Goose, any ALLIED batch of down will pop up with all the info you need; it’ll even give you a quick rundown of why that species of down is so good, as well as turbidity and cleanliness.

Most major brands are now using ALLIED down, from Eddie Bauer to Columbia, so Track My Down works for a number of brands and jackets. If you care about your gear, where it comes from and how sustainable it is, you’ll probably want to check it out.