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This Energy Monitor Tracks Your Electricity And Can Save You A Few Bucks

Sense Energy Monitor

Getting your electric bill at the end of the month can be a shock. Get proactive and start tracking your electricity bill yourself with the Sense Energy Monitor. This compact and portable device plugs easily into your home electric meter (with the help of a licensed electrician) and tracks your electricity usage in real time, using two clamp sensors that take over 1 million measurements per second.

These millions of measurements allow Sense to sort, detect and identify all the different electrical “signatures” of the many devices and appliances in your home – from the toaster to the microwave – with the help of advanced algorithms. This process may take upwards of a month to get them all sorted out and identified, and it’s not quite capable of detecting every single device yet, but the technology is constantly learning and evolving.

Once installed, connect your Sense to WiFi and you can track your usage, compile energy consumption stats, and see exactly how much each device uses, all from the app on your phone. Set energy savings goals and notifications to alert you when certain devices turn on, find out where energy is being wasted, and ensure that potentially dangerous items – like the stove – are turned off. Use it in conjunction with other smarthome tech to turn these trouble appliances, and you have complete control of the house – whether you’re at work or on the road.

Sure, Sense isn’t a cheap device, but use it often and use it effectively, and you’ll likely end up saving some significant coin in the long-run.

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