You don’t have to spend a fortune to get good earbuds. While we certainly think that spending big money on the best in noise-cancelling headphones is the best bet for audiophiles and those who insist on quality, there are a lot of us on a budget – and a lot of us who aren’t looking for more than a decent pair of wireless earbuds for running, weightlifting(or any pursuit).

But what about when you want those earbuds to be waterproof and not die at the first sign of rain (or even a really sweaty workout)? Easy. You grab these waterproof earbuds from TOZO off Amazon and continue on with your day.

Budget Price, Premium Sound

When you see the price tag these earbuds demand on Amazon, you may not be very impressed – until you get a pair and realize they are easily worth twice as much. While the sound quality cannot compare to a pair of Bose or Sennheiser’s, it is (easily) as good as any wireless earbuds else in the $50 to $150 range. (Asking them to compare to top brands is too much for this price point, anyway). The soundstage is very wide for the price, and the bass is pretty hopping – thought not as thumping as commonly found on cheaper headphones with the bass turned up. And both the midnotes and treble are clean and unmuddled – generally tough to find for $50 headphones.

IPX8 Waterproof, Rugged Build

Most sub-$100 headphones offer not much more build quality and waterproofness than those cheap earbuds that came with your phone. These pack IPX8 waterproofness; a quick glance of some of the best sport earbuds from top brands like Bose, Sennheiser and JBL shows few headphones with more than IPX6 or IPX7 max.

IPX8 means that TOZO’s headphones are capable of being submerged down to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. This is, according to TOZO, due to their “nano-coating,” which is also found on the charging case below.

Easy Wireless Charging

The TOZO headphones come with a charging case, where you can conveniently charge the headphones without the hassle of wires. The charging case is compatible with Qi wireless chargers, too.

Final Word on TOZO Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

For the price, these waterproof earbuds can’t be beat. They pair effortless using Bluetooth 5.0, provide crisp, solid sound that belies the asking price, and are equipped for use in outdoor sports, rainy days and all manner of heart-pumping, sweaty gym days. Not quite Bose – but a better deal than many $100+ “premium” sport headphones.

Tozo-10-waterproof-earbuds-2 Tozo-10-waterproof-earbuds