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Touchpad – The Customizable Touch Keyboard That Works With Everything

TouchPad Customizable Touch Keyboard

What exactly is the Touchpad, and why is it different from so many other keyboards – besides being a touch keyboard? It’s completely customizable; you get to pick exactly what each touch-key does, assigning up to 5 functions each. You can set them as simple alphabetical keys for typing, controls for graphics editing, shortcuts – whatever you like. It works well with any word processor or the most intricate of Adobe Creative Suite designers, and with all sorts of industrial or specialized programs, such as CAD printing. It’s also compatible with Arduino, making writing good code just a little bit easier.

It plugs into any computer or laptop via USB and needs no drivers or software to run; you can use it on Windows, Mac or Linux. It’s small and slim and easy to transport around with you. Your custom functions and setup are saved into the keyboard itself, so that you have them wherever you are and whatever computer you are on.

Here’s a cool part: you can customize, print and cut the included transparent overlays that mark the keys, right on your own printer. Then, punch some holes in it and place it on the TouchPad, aligning it perfectly with the key setup you’ve created.

How do you program the TouchPad? This is perhaps the most confusing part; you’ll have to know a little about programming and maybe some code. The On The Go programming mode lets you open up any basic text editor, but the more intricate and the technical the program, the more difficult it may be to setup. But those of us who take their computer work seriously and need an intuitive, fully-customizable keyboard to simplify repetitive tasks, we like the TouchPad’s time-saving capability and programming.

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