Staying warm in the winter isn’t too hard with the right gear – meaning a good layering system, effective gloves, hat, etc. But while that definitely works for the more hardcore and active among us, the more casual often just want something to keep them toasty and warm as they venture outside on freezing cold days – whether that’s for chores and errands, hikes or classically-cold outdoor activities like tailgating in winter. For that, there’s the Torch 2.0, which bills itself as the world’s first Universal Coat Heater.

Sounds crazy, but it works; the Torch 2.0 fits into virtually any puffy jacket, parka or other winter coat you’ve got, wrapping around you with three warm-and-toasty heating pads. These heating pads are activated by the touch of a single button and can be toggled between 3 different heat settings to find the level of warmth and comfort you’re looking for. It’s powered by a 6000Mah power bank, which provides 4 hours of reliable heating, and works with almost all 5V power banks. “Installation” into your jacket is done by means of an “installation kit,” and two of those are included with each heating kit.

Whether you’re spending the day hiking or skiing, shoveling snow, or walking the dogs, or cheering on the hometown team, the Torch 2.0 will keep you warm and toasty for hours on end. Bring some spare battery packs and never run out. It’s no excuse for being properly prepared for cold weather (with layers, hat, etc), but is a fun and easy way to stay warm and toasty.

Torch-2.0-Coat-heater-1 Torch-2.0-Coat-heater-2 Torch 2.0 Heated Jacket-3