Since they are silent and deadly, modern crossbows are the ultimate killing machines, perfect for patient hunters. Of course, target shooters could also have a lot of fun with a high-quality crossbow.

So, to help you find the ideal model, we assembled a comprehensive collection of the best crossbows in the world. There’s no doubt you’ll find something you like, so let’s check them out.


Over the centuries, crossbows’ designs did not change much. The principle idea remained the same, but subtle improvements have turned an often unreliable weapon into a silent and effective option for modern hunters.

Yet, online retailers and brick-and-mortar shops offer thousands of models, making it challenging to find the ideal crossbow for your needs and preferences. Then again, if you follow the checklist below and consider these aspects before purchasing, you’ll have no problems buying the perfect crossbow.


If you want to buy any EDC gear, outdoor equipment, or a survival tool, we recommend purchasing the sturdiest and the most durable option. After all, these devices must handle plenty of wear and tear. The same goes for modern crossbows, so check the materials and the overall structure to avoid flimsy, toy-looking models.


Nowadays, crossbows release arrows at breath-taking speeds, and high-end models can generate velocity above 500 feet per second. So, consider this element when looking for a new crossbow. In addition, the firepower will depend on the kinetic energy created by the mechanism. In most cases, the more, the better!


Again, dimensions can vary from one model to another, and everything depends on your style. Nonetheless, most experienced shooters will prefer a compact and well-balanced crossbow with a space-saving design. After all, no one likes to haul around a massive arrow-firing contraption and waste time getting it out of the bag.


Finally, aspiring crossbow owners should also look at the price before purchasing because elite crossbows cost well over $1000. As expected, these devices will provide pinpoint precision with plenty of features, but not every shooter will need a pro-level crossbow. For that reason, compare and analyze several models to find the best crossbow for your budget.


We’ll start the list by visiting Ohio and a 27-year-old American company famous for precision engineering, accuracy, performance, and durability. Over the years, TenPoint Crossbows grew into a global leader, especially after unleashing the Wicked Ridge brand in 2008. This series of entry-level crossbows is a beginner’s best bet, and that’s why the cool-looking Invader 400 is the first on our list.

The reinvented Wicked Ridge Invader 400 crossbow, an all-time bestseller, is faster and more robust than its predecessor. At the same time, the new version comes with an ultra-like stock and an integrated cocking device. More importantly, this crossbow is only 35 ½ inches long and 15 inches wide, offering effortless maneuverability and handling.

In addition, the specifications reveal that Wicked Ridge Invader 400 can shoot arrows at 380 feet per second with 185 pounds of draw weight. Moreover, with the Pro Light Carbon Arrows (370-grains), the velocity could reach 400 FPS.

The crossbow weighs only six pounds, ranking it high among the lightest crossbows in 2022. Best of all, it comes at an affordable price and has plenty of extras. For instance, the package includes an ACUdraw cocking device, a lighted 3x Pro-View scope, and a 3-arrow quiver.


In 2014, BOWTECH announced the acquisition of Excalibur Crossbows, Inc., an Ontario-based crossbows manufacturer founded in 1983. After this partnership, Excalibur continued innovating and designing advanced models, such as the famous Assassin 420 TD crossbow.

Unlike the previous model on our list, this big-game annihilator will set you back almost two grand. Yet, the Assassin 420 TD crossbow is a proven, field-tested model for hitting the bullseye with nearly zero effort. For example, the proprietary Pro-Shot trigger system offers a light pull weight and a consistent break.

This high-end crossbow also features Quick-Loc technology for hassle-free assembly. The same goes for dismantling and packing the device after your shooting practice. If you venture out into the forests, you’ll be glad to know that the premium Charger Crank System offers dead-silent operations.

Since Excalibur Crossbows Assassin 420 TD is an expensive crossbow, it’s no surprise to see the highest specs in the business. Namely, the Assassin shoots arrows at 420 feet per second, with more than 137 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Of course, these numbers reveal an impressive pass-through power, meaning that the Assassin 420 TD crossbow is a force to be reckoned with.


Killer Instinct Crossbows is a relatively new kid on the block, given that the brand appeared in 2013. The company operates from Michigan and Minnesota, while the production goes on in Taiwan. Over the years, Killer Instinct Crossbows released several best-selling models, including the legendary Ripper 425 crossbow.

This model also received upgrades, and the latest version packs more power than any Ripper before. As the name implies, the Killer Instinct Ripper 425 crossbow generates a velocity of 425 feet per second with the 390gr HYPR bolt arrows. Likewise, 156 foot-pounds of kinetic energy is an awe-inspiring result.

The well-balanced and military-inspired Ripper 425 weighs 7.5 pounds and doesn’t feel heavy to use. Instead, this crossbow offers streamlined operations because it has a compact DSC crank and a customizable 5-position buttstock. The comfy forearm grip boosts ergonomics and handling.

If you opt for the Pro package, this crossbow will arrive with an advanced LUMIX IR-W scope, string suppressors, a 5-bolt quiver, and three HYPR bolts. Overall, Ripper 425 is the best crossbow under $500. So, don’t underestimate what this eye-catching crossbow can do.


CenterPoint Archery flies under the same banner as Ravin, Crosman, LaserMax, and others. For that reason, you’ll see plenty of similarities between their crossbows, primarily the flagship models. Yet, the CenterPoint Wrath 430X Compound crossbow stands out with its bone-chilling name and innovative features.

Thanks to a unique combination of compactness and speed, the Wrath 430X is among the fastest crossbows in 2022. Believe it or not, it releases bolts at 430 feet per second, hitting the target without an ounce of mercy. The secret also lies in the inverted cam design, which delivers 164 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.

The CenterPoint Wrath is a devastating crossbow, and yet, it remains compact and easy to use. It has a 9-inch axle-to-axle width when cocked. This model also features a folding stock and stirrup, making the Wrath 430X a travel-friendly unit.

We should also mention that CenterPoint opted for machine aluminum rails and a ball-bearing retention spring for this model. The complete package includes several high-value accessories, such as an illuminated scope, a parallel quiver, and a silent cranking device. Around $700 is a bargain for a crossbow of this quality.


Since it was founded in 1933, Bear Archery is now one of the oldest brands in the crossbow-making world. It first manufactured hand-made bows, but in the 1970s, Bear Archery moved to Gainesville, Florida, and added crossbows into its portfolio. The rock-solid Constrictor CDX crossbow is the perfect example of the company’s philosophy.

Bear Archery advertises this model as an ideal option for hunters in tight quarters. In other words, Constrictor CDX is ready to hunt at a moment’s notice, shooting arrows at 410 feet per second. Although this is not the most compact crossbow, it features a width of 10 inches cocked and 14 inches when uncocked.

As expected, Bear Archery Constrictor CDX has an anti-dry fire protection mechanism. After all, this beast has a draw weight of 190 lbs, and you don’t want to find yourself on the arrow’s trajectory. At the same time, a stealthy dual-mount string recoil suppressor reduces noise and vibration.

Of course, the complete package comprises 3x BearX bolts, a 4-arrow quiver, string wax/rail lube, and an illuminated scope. Currently, Bear Archery offers this model in two color combinations, allowing you to choose the one suiting your style and preferences. The Constrictor CDX costs around $550, making it another affordable option for aspiring hunters and target shooters.

6. RAVIN R500

Ravin is another experienced name in the archery world, and the company has a 20-year track record in manufacturing top-of-the-line crossbows. The development of HeliCoil technology changed the crossbow world for good, and Ravin always had the interests of outdoor enthusiasts in mind. For instance, the breathtaking Ravin R500 is a premium model for die-hard shooters and hunters.

Yes, we know it costs over three thousand dollars, but R500 features the best technologies and offers the best shooting experience. So, it had to be on the list of the best crossbows in 2022. Moreover, the latest iteration of the iconic R500 raises the bar higher by introducing the new patented HexCoil Cam System. This technology rotates the cam at 360 degrees.

The R500 is the most silent crossbow because it comes equipped with the upgraded R500 Draw Handle. That’s when the magic happens, given that R500 releases arrows at a fascinating 500 feet per second. Even though it has a compact body and a width of only 3.6 inches when cocked, this crossbow is lethal!

The Ravin R500 crossbow weighs 8.4 pounds and has a 15-inch power stroke. Of course, it also has an array of safety systems and other details that justify the hefty price.


Yes, we already visited TenPoint Crossbows, but this brand deserves another mention. After all, this classic American brand exceeds expectations with each new model it releases. The same happened with the attractive Nitro 505 crossbow, advertised as “the fastest crossbow in the world.”

Likewise, TenPoint claims they shot over 25,000 arrows with this model to make it their most tested crossbow. Of course, the hard work paid off, and TenPoint Nitro 505 exceeds shooting speeds of 500 feet per second. Hence the name. At the same time, this flagship model is the most expensive crossbow in TenPoint’s arsenal, with a price of over three thousand dollars.

So, is it worth the money? If you need a top-of-the-rank crossbow for pinpoint accuracy and effortless handling, TenPoint Nitro 505 could be right up your alley. For instance, this model comes with the patented Accu Slide cocking and de-cocking system. This technology requires only five pounds of force to prepare Nitro 505 for hunting or target practice.

In addition, TenPoint Nitro 505 features a variable, EVO-X Marksman Elite scope. This element offers a customized reticle and external turrets for ultra-accurate shooting. The features list is extensive, but we should also add that Nitro 505 offers excellent trigger control with the 2-stage S1 trigger.


Okay, since we started to revisit old friends, let’s go back to Ontario, Canada, where Excalibur Crossbows awaits with another premium model. This archery brand has almost four decades of experience in the business, so it’s not surprising to see them manufacturing high-quality crossbows at affordable prices.

We added TwinStrike TAC2 because it features an eye-catching DualFire system with two triggers. In other words, this technology will let you release two arrows from the same crossbow within milliseconds. DualFire crossbows are not the most practical for shooting practices, but they can be a good self-defense choice.

Hitting a trespasser with two arrows will undoubtedly stop them in their tracks, especially if the arrows are flying at 340 feet per second. On the other hand, the CeaseFire system protects you from firing unwanted shots and causing injuries to you or your loved ones.

Excalibur Crossbows Twinstrike TAC2 also features a silent mechanical crank, the well-known Charger EXT. The draw effort for this crossbow is 12 pounds, and most users should handle this resistance without problems. So, from what we’ve seen, the Twinstrike TAC2 is the best mid-tier crossbow in 2022.


Bernard Barnett started his archery company in 1962 in a garage in the UK. In 2003, Barnett Outdoors permanently moved to the US, becoming the leading global manufacturer of crossbows, slingshots, and archery products. More importantly, Barnett pioneered many techniques and technologies used by modern crossbows worldwide.

Well, the elegant Hyper XP 405 combines budget-friendly price with high-quality craftsmanship. On top of that, this is the first crossbow in the Barnet lineup to use small-diameter HyperFlite arrows. The narrow technology allows the bolts to suffer less from wind drift, penetrating deeper and killing big game on the spot.

Barnett Hyper XP 405 also has a new trigger tech with a metal-injection molder trigger. As the name suggests, this lightweight crossbow offers a velocity of 405 feet per second. The kinetic energy clocks at 138 foot-pounds, even though the power stroke is only 13.4 inches.

Of course, Barnett Hyper XP 405 wouldn’t be a contender for the best affordable crossbows if it didn’t come with plenty of extras. Notably, you’ll get three Picatinny rails, a pass-through foregrip, and a side-mounted quiver with this crossbow. Also, many will be glad to hear that Barnett Hyper XP 405 crossbow is available in Veil Cervidae camo.


We already mentioned that Killer Instinct Crossbows is an ambitious and emerging brand, ready to challenge the renowned names in the archery segment. To do so, Killer Instinct has to produce top-quality crossbows, and the SWAT X1 model ticks all boxes for ranking among the best.

Again, we have a crossbow offering 405 FPS, but the SWAT X1 crossbow is more expensive than Barnett Hyper or similar models. Then again, Killer Instinct SWAT X1 is more compact and smoother than ever, with merely 6.25 inches of width when cocked. The entire device is only 24.75 long, making SWAT X1 one of the best tactical crossbows.

This model could also be an ideal option for a survival weapon, given that it comes with a user-friendly rope cocker and stealthy Compact Silent Crank. Killer Instinct SWAT X1 provides extra guidance to the bolt with its Accutac Barrel technology, compensating for wobbly and jerky movements.

Finally, we should also add that Killer Instinct claims this is the “safest crossbow to date” because it comes with an enclosed design. This element can play a massive role if you are new to archery and want to protect everyone around you. In any case, Killer Instinct SWAT X1 could be an excellent choice for recreational or semi-pro target shooters and hunters.


And there you have it, the best-rated crossbows of 2022 in no particular order. Yet, most experts will say that models like Ravin R500 or the Assassin 420 are the best crossbows money can buy.

It might be hard to disagree with this statement, but each impressive, hard-hitting beast on this list will offer an excellent shooting experience, meeting most users’ needs. So, take your pick and start hitting the bullseye with each shot.