Backlit keyboards are exactly what you need if you’re working late at night, or if you want to ramp up the excitement while gaming.

Having said that, there are other keyboard options available – like Microsoft’s fingerprint ID keyboard which promises that you’ll never forget a password again.

You might not realize it, but there are hundreds of backlit keyboards out there to suit all budgets, and we’ve picked out 8 of the very coolest for 2017.

We’ve got our favorite – can you guess which it is?

1. DBPOWER Gaming Keyboard

It’s not fully mechanical, but it might be the closest you’ll get for such a low price. The DBPower Gaming Keyboard cycles through 3 backlight colors – or it can be set at one level if you’re working and don’t want to be distracted.

It’s a basic plug and play piece of hardware, but if you’re looking for something a little more exciting than your old standard Microsoft fare, this could be the one for you.

Looks great in a home office as well as for gaming.

2. Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Keyboard Cosair
Corsair is known for producing top quality products, but many gamers might be more familiar with its products for inside the computer, rather than outside – like its overclocker-focused Vengeance RAM series.

However, it’s backlit keyboards are very cool too. The Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard comes with a snazzy 3-color backlighting effects.

It also features multimedia controls, 6 fully programmable macro keys and quiet keys so you don’t annoy your partner with the constant clacking of keys.

Though they might still be annoyed if you’re spending hours every day playing games with your new keyboard!

3. Scorpion K20

Keyboard Scorpion

‘Advanced gaming usage’ – at an affordable price mark. The Scorpion K20 has a very distinctive shape and feel, setting it apart from other backlit keyboards on the market.

The design feels almost retro – like an old school gaming console. But the awesome lights – with 4 different lighting modes – bring it definitively into the new millennium.

There are 26 anti-ghosting keys to provide advanced control while gaming, even when multiple keys are being pressed at the same time.

It’s a fairly heavy keyboard, so it’s not the best to carry around with you. But for a set gaming rig space, it’s not that easy to beat the K20.

4. Bluefinger CM200

The Bluefinger CM200 looks truly ferocious. A unique crack pattern is lit up by LEDs in 7 different colors, and you can control both color and brightness at the touch of a key. Plus, it’s made from a very comfortable ABS material.

We have to admit, this is our favorite. There’s nothing else like it on the market. You might say it’s a little over the top, but we like its adventurous and bold spirit. Be different!

You can also pick up a matching mouse and mouse pad to complete the fashionable package.

5. TeckNet X-366 Ultra-Slim

The name is quite a mouthful (that’s only the shortened version above) but the keyboard is very transportable. It weighs just 216g, which is under 8oz. And it’s just 4mm in depth!

Built to be taken anywhere you go, its Bluetooth function frees you from the hassle of wires, while its keys are nearly silent and very comfortable.

It will keep working with a paired device even when you’re around 32 feet away, so it’s a good keyboard to keep beside you on the sofa to control Netflix or to browse on your smart TV.

Alternatively, work without bothering your neighbors on red-eye flights, take it to business meetings with you, and impress clients with your swish backlit keyboard.

6. Azio PRISM

The Azio PRISM is a very cool looking piece of kit. It might look basic at first, but there’s a certain attractiveness about its understated style.

The backlighting works in 7 different colors, or in a mixed color mode – hence, we guess, the ‘PRISM’ in its name.

From Icy Blue to Candy Pink and Emerald, the colors are distinct, vibrant and attention-grabbing. They look great on ‘breathing’ mode.

7. PX-1100

Keyboard PX1100

Keep things simple but functional with the PX-1100 gaming keyboard. While it might not be the most exciting keyboard on the market in terms of looks, it promises durable structure, with a 20 million key press life cycle.

So that should keep you going for a while.

There are also ergonomic benefits to this keyboard – it comes with a built-in palm rest to make sure your wrists are supported during long sessions at the computer. And there’s a brightness wheel too, to make sure the backlighting is suitable in any given situation.

8. Pictek 104

Keyboard Pictek

A full mechanical keyboard, anti-ghosting keys, and 9 backlighting effects in 6 colors make the Pictek 104 any gamer’s dream keyboard.

With a 50 million key press life cycle and keystroke force resistance, this keyboard is built to last much longer than most other backlit keyboards. It’s also water resistant and is designed to be as dust-free as possible.

Because the key caps are fully removable, you can also help to clean and maintain your Pictek easily. This could potentially help to extend its life beyond what’s expected out of the box.

Plus, it features 104 anti-ghosting keys, meaning that hardcore gamers won’t suffer from trying to press too many at once.

Pictek also offers a range of LED-lit mice, which pairs well with the Pictek 104 keyboard. Many allow for the customization of DPI ratios and you can program both the LED lighting and 6 auxiliary buttons – no more scrambling around for the right key combinations mid-match!

Other backlit keyboards

We haven’t really scraped the surface with this list, as we know there are far more backlit keyboards out there. We’re sure you’ll find something that suits your style.

Whatever you choose, make sure that there’s a good balance between its usability, ergonomic design, and life expectancy.

If a backlit keyboard wasn’t all you’re after in terms of new tech, keep up to date with the latest technology right here on Gear For Life. You’ll be the first to know about all the best advances in technology and new products you’ll need.

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