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Tivoli Sphera: Minimalist Wireless Speakers To Class Up Your Living Room

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There are good-looking speakers out there. And then there are the Tivoli Sphera. These speakers may not look like much at first, but they are sleek, smooth and high-quality speakers delivering good sound in a quality package. The minimalist, round design goes well with any décor (especially something equally modern and white) and you can hang it vertically on the wall, mount it on the stand, or lay it flat. The fine, high-quality fabric speaker grill is by Gabriel, and the speaker cabinet is made of real wood – walnut or ash. It has a 3-inch long throw full-range driver.

Source, volume, and a host of audio customizing controls are on the base of the speaker, and the logo on the top actually functions as a touch button to stop, pause and play music with a single touch. You can connect it to your phone or computer via Bluetooth, and there is still a spot for 3.5mm AUX just in case. It even connects directly to Spotify Connect. You can connect multiple Sphera’s together into a network of speakers, whether in one room or around the house, and Quick Connect Party Mode lets you switch effortlessly between them while playing music.

Tivoli also makes a subwoofer that pairs with the Sphera, the Model Sub. The Model Sub comes in the same wood and Gabriel fabric covered appearance and combines for an effortless 2.1 surround system with the Sphera. Pair it with several for an immersive audio experience that looks as good as it sounds. When you add all three together, you are looking at an expensive kit – but these are some truly attractive speakers that take your room to the next level; hang them on the wall like a painting or stick them on the end table, and relax to your favorite music in style.

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