Main features of the TIMBUK2 Division Deluxe Backpack:

  • A padded sleeve for 15-inch laptops
  • High-quality recycled materials
  • Water-resistant bottom boot
  • Stretchy exterior side pockets
  • External compression cinching strap
  • Travel-friendly luggage pass-through
  • Total volume: 22 liters

Nowadays, almost everyone is hauling around laptops and other devices, whether for work, school, or fun. For that reason, a convenient bag is a must-have, and we have the perfect option for daily travels through the concrete jungle.

The award-winning TIMBUK2 Division Deluxe Laptop Backpack combines user-friendly construction with a cool-looking design. Therefore, you came to the right place if you need a dependable and elegant daypack for urban adventures.


Established in 1989, TIMBUK2 is a San Francisco-based brand focused on manufacturing innovative travel bags, backpacks, and bike accessories. Given that the company has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, it’s no surprise it has a massive fan base.

TIMBUK2 is about moving fluidly and outsmarting challenges, making this brand ideal for risk-takers and digital nomads. But, of course, everyone else is more than welcome, and TIMBUK2 offers a broad portfolio meeting various users’ needs.


Finding the perfect, tech-friendly backpack could be easier said than done, given the abundance of options on the market. Land-based shops and online retailers offer various models at different price ranges, and you’ll need to do your homework to separate the best from the rest.

Namely, the following aspects are crucial for determining whether a backpack deserves your attention:


First, check the shape and size to see if the bag will fit the laptop and offer sufficient space for your belongings. Manufacturers typically provide information about the bag’s volume, but it’s always wise to check the dimensions chart. For instance, the Deluxe version of the Division backpack is 17.3-inches high and almost ten inches wide.


Durability is also essential for any backpack, so check the materials and fabrics before purchasing. The stitching and zippers also play a massive role. Thus, ensure you get your money’s worth by looking at the overall structure and quality. For example, TIMBUK2 opted for a heavy-duty 630D denier for the sturdy Division Deluxe laptop backpack.


Urban and outdoor backpacks have many things in common, including the need to be as functional as packs get. Getting your stuff in and out without hassle is the priority, so double-check this aspect when buying new backpacks for laptops and other devices. Notably, look at the pockets and compartments and even check the zippers.


Finally, new buyers should glance at the price to avoid overpaying for a flimsy or low-quality backpack. Even though high-profile brands attract the most attention, many affordable packs will also get the job done without problems. For example, TIMBUK2 Division Deluxe is a wallet-friendly model offering top-drawer features and qualities.


As the name implies, the Deluxe version is the next step for the well-received TIMBUK2 Division laptop backpack. Of course, the new generation of this best-selling daypack brings several improvements, including an attractive design and four color choices.

TIMBUK2 offers the following colors: Black, Static, Nightfall, and Titanium. So, you’ll get the opportunity to combine the Division with your overall style and leave a lasting impression.


The first thing we liked about the reinvented TIMBUK2 Division backpack was the quality of materials. TIMBUK2 opted for a heavy-duty 630D denier, and the entire product combines recycled nylon and polyester. Therefore, this work pack could be an excellent eco-friendly option.

The sturdy fabric comes with a TPU coating for water resistance. Even though the bag is not submersible, it should offer more than enough protection for commuting, walks around campus, or quick trips to your favorite shopping location.

TIMBUK2 didn’t skimp on the materials for the shoulder straps either. The generous padding will reduce fatigue and discomfort, while the heavy-duty fabrics in the straps handle years of wear and tear.


Arguably, the crucial characteristic of the improved Division daypack is usability. The new version offers hassle-free loading and unloading of laptops, cables, chargers, books, clothes, and everything else you wish to transport.

The dedicated laptop sleeve has a separate rear-access zipper. This well-padded compartment fits a 15-inch laptop comfortably and keeps it safe during travel.

In addition, neat details like the water-resistant bottom boot and the luggage pass-through attachment point improve the overall functionality. Likewise, TIMBUK2 Division Deluxe features a convenient sternum strap to keep the backpack steady and reduce back pain.


We already mentioned the bag’s height and width, but these dimensions tell little about the actual carrying capacity. Namely, the well-constructed Division backpack provides plenty of room in its spacious main compartment. And, of course, the laptop sleeve can double as a pocket for books and other essentials.

TIMBUK2 Division Deluxe Backpack offers 22 liters of volume, ranking it among the best daypacks for the urban lifestyle. On the other hand, the empty bag weighs only 2.2 pounds. So, despite its lightweight structure, this daypack will haul plenty of tech gear and help you avoid clutter.

At the same time, the Division’s slim profile reduces bulkiness and creates a refined, professional look. The pack rides high and even hugs your back, allowing you to carry lots of weight without causing shoulder or back pain.


From what we’ve seen during our TIMBUK2 Division Deluxe review, this backpack is worth every penny. We didn’t even mention the sturdy YKK zippers or the side pocket for water bottles. Plus, the external cinching straps are another element many users will appreciate.

So, there’s plenty on offer with this work pack, starting with the elegant and modern design. If you need a reliable and functional bag for daily activities, then the comfy TIMBUK2 Division Deluxe Backpack could be ideal.