What’s to like about Mt. Maddsen Hiking Boots:

  • Full-grain leather
  • Lace-up closure
  • Fully gusseted tongue
  • EVA midsole
  • Extra space on the toe box
  • Stylish and rugged design

Are you having trouble finding a durable pair of versatile boots? Well, you’re not the only one because many of us have faced the same problem.

That’s also the reason why we set out to scan the global market. We scoured the Internet and quickly stumbled upon a fan-favorite. Yes, the cool-looking Timberland Earthkeepers Mt. Maddsen WP Mid Hiking Boots are a dream-come-true for any outdoorsy gentleman.

So, let’s save time and jump straight into the features and qualities of this premium model.

Well-built and durable

Hiking boots have a task of handling rugged terrain and keeping our feet dry for as long as possible. Since Timberland is a company with a long-lasting history, it’s not surprising to see that Earthkeepers Mt. Maddsen Hiking Boots are up there with the best regarding durability.

Sturdy and well-balanced, these leather boots are waterproof and extremely comfortable. Therefore, Mt. Maddsen boots will reduce fatigue and provide ultimate stability on long-distance hiking trips.

Sustainable materials

Timberland decided to go with full-grain leather for the Earthkeepers series, and Mt. Maddsen hiking boots also feature sustainably-sourced leather.

To be precise, the material comes from a Silver-rated tannery. In translation, these boots are Eco-friendly as well.

Ultimate comfort

Since they are built with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, Timberland Mt. Maddsen hiking boots come equipped with EVA midsole. This lightweight cushioning will add a bit of bounce to your step.

On the other hand, the rubber outsole will provide impeccable traction and a firm grip on any terrain. Plus, these hiking boots have a fully gusseted tongue with lace-up closure. Likewise, you’ll be glad to hear that Mt- Maddsen offers extra space in the toe box.

Rugged yet stylish design

Of course, the aesthetics of a hiking boot are not the priority. However, we all want to wear eye-catching and elegant footwear, no matter where the adventure might take us. So, you’ll also be happy to hear that Mt. Maddsen has a sleek and modern styling.

For instance, the classic brown leather comes with a dark outside and bronze-colored rivets. In essence, these hiking boots combine a rugged look in the lower region with a stylish upper area. The laces are also attention-grabbing, without being tacky. All in all, it’s almost impossible finding a flaw with the design of Timberland Earthkeepers Mt. Maddsen Hiking Boots.

The verdict

High-quality footwear is always a smart investment, and you should never think twice regarding this model. Hiking boots that combine style and performance can be hard to come by, and that’s why Mt. Maddsen is a must-have.

Serious hikers will enjoy wearing these boots, but Mt. Maddsen is a versatile model as well. Thus, people who enjoy fishing or hunting will find these boots a valuable addition to their arsenal.