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The Revolve Line Is Thule’s First Hardside Luggage

Thule Revolve Hardside Luggage Line

Thule is generally known for their top-of-the-line, overbuilt roof racks and crossboards, designed to carry heavy-loads on top (or behind) your car without fail. But they make more than that, having introduced a backpack line recently, among others. Their latest addition to the lineup? The Revolve Hardside Luggage line, to complement their pre-existing soft-sided luggage.

As you can imagine from anything Thule, the Revolve line is engineered to the utmost standards of quality and durability. Each piece is made from 100% virgin polycarbonate; that means that absolutely none of it is recycled material, and it was all ground into universal chip sizes during construction. Polycarbonate is also extremely lightweight, which is exactly what you want in a piece of luggage. To increase strength and durability, Thule placed interior corner protectors and a reinforced front panel. Durability is the name of Thule’s game, and that’s what we expect from them. Of course, they deliver.

On top of the Revolve line sits a hefty, telescoping handle. On the bottom are 8 wheels, some large and some small. The large wheels are designed to roll over rocky, rough roads and other terrain, and make it easier to move up steps, while putting smaller wheels on the back allows for more packing room. Combined, they make for a versatile piece of luggage that rolls smoothly wherever you need to take it. The wheels are all made of ABS and polycarbonate, and feature TPR tires.

On the side, you’ll find a collection of theftproof security features. These include puncture-resistant zippers, as well as a special frame that keeps the bag from being opened when the zipper breaks or is punctured. It’s kept secure by a TSA-approved combo lock, in addition to the YKK zipper.

And did we mention, these suitcases are downright stylish? They’re about slim and sleek as you’ll find in a suitcase set, and will keep you looking fly as you jet around the world. Whether you want them for that or their nearly-indestructible Thule build, the Revolve line won’t let you down. They’re being manufactured in Europe (another sign of Thule’s exceptionally high quality) and will be out in early 2019.

The Revolve Line includes 4 bags:

Thule Revolve Global Carry-On 55cm/22”
Thule Revolve Wide-body Carry-On 55cm/22”
Thule Revolve Luggage 68cm/27”
Thule Revolve Luggage 75cm/30”

Each available in Black, Blackest Blue and Raven Gray.

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