Thule is well-versed in the craft of making good roof racks, but recently they’ve been expanding their offerings to all different kinds of outdoor products. For the Thule Hideaway, they decided to create something that works with their roof racks, an awning to add some extra shade and protection from the sun when you’re outside setting up for a day on the trail.

The Thule Hideaway attaches next to your roof rack, allowing you to still access the top of your car and store all your other gear or bikes. It’s made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum, and opens using simple spring-loaded tension arms and a hand crank, and the roller tube ensures constant tension to stay taut and resist wind. The awning itself is a UV-treated, waterproof fabric that will repel both sun and rain and make staging that much more comfortable.

The awning comes in two sizes – an 8-ft long, which projects out 6 feet and weighs 39 pounds total, and a 10-ft long, which comes out 8 feet and weighs 44 pounds.

That’s really all there is to it. Setup is supposed to be very easy and take no more than a few minutes, and you can attach it directly to your Thule rack or to your aftermarket rack using an adapter sold separately. The one thing the Hideaway isn’t, is cheap, as the smaller version retails for $750. But considering how much Thule bike racks costs for the quality they offer, it might be worth it.

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