Main features:

  • No spray, no open flame
  • Portable and ergonomic
  • LED indicator
  • 15-foot zone
  • Up to 12 hours of protection

Wouldn’t it be great to sit around the campfire without hearing the annoying sounds of the mosquitos? How about going fishing and then coming home without a bunch of red spots on your neck and hands?

Well, the Thermacell MR450 Mosquito repellent claims to be one such life-changing device. Can this gadget help you get rid of pesky insects? Let’s find out.
Thermacell MR450 Mosquito Repellent 2

How does it Work?

Thermacell is a tried and tested brand when it comes to insect repellents. In other words, their products are durable and efficient. The MR450 continues down the well-trodden path, which means that you can expect premium performances from this device.

In essence, the MR450 works on a straightforward principle. A butane canister generates heat that affects the repellent mat. As a result, fumes spread through the air and paralyze mosquitos and flies.

So, you only need to insert a mat into the slot. After that, check the fuel cartridge and add more butane, if necessary. Then, press the Start button and wait 15 minutes for the indicator to shine. The bright LED light will let you know that the device has reached the desired temperature and that it can now melt the repellent mat.

Thermacell MR450 Mosquito Repellent 4
Mosquito-Free Zone

As we all know, mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they can be dangerous as well. They can transport a wide range of diseases, including malaria. So, if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones, an effective repellent is a must.

Unlike oils and sprays, the Thermacell MR450 Mosquito repellent makes no mess. Plus, this device leaves almost no scent, and there is no open flame.

All you get is a 15-foot radius of invisible protection against bugs and insects. Since the gadget features a belt clip, you can attach it to your pants to maximize the efficiency of the repellent.

The active ingredient in the repellent mats is allethrin, which comes from Chrysanthemum flowers. So, allethrin fumes spread around the MR450 in a 15-foot zone. As a rule of thumb, the radius should be wide enough to protect your patio, deck, or a campsite.

Battery-powered Operation

Thermacell MR450 Mosquito Repellent 3The Thermacell MR450 mosquito repellent is a battery-powered device. As such, this gadget is an excellent choice for outdoorsy individuals. After all, the task of finding an electrical outlet in the great outdoors can be a bit tricky.

Instead, you only need to bring with you two AA batteries. The MR450 can deliver up to 12 hours of protection on two batteries and one fuel cartridge. Plus, the quiet ignition of the butane fuel will not scare off any animals that you might be trying to hunt down in the woods.

Should you buy it?

The Thermacell MR450 is a high-end mosquito repellent. Among other things, it features a rugged and sturdy design. The rubberized grips are a cool-looking detail, no doubt about it.

So, you should buy this model if you love spending time out in the open. As we said, mosquitos can be dangerous, and MR450 can provide you with a peace of mind when camping or fishing.