The Therm-A-Rest Space Cowboy is a bag built to for exploring, traveling, trailblazing, with as little baggage as possible.  In fact, it’s made for sleeping directly under the stars – cowboy camping refers to the act of sleeping directly under the stars, out in the open, without a tent. Which is, actually, a lot of fun, when it’s dry out and you can guarantee you won’t wake up soaked to the bone with dew or rain. There’s nothing fun about a wet sleeping bag, which is likely to leave you shivering and ready to cut your trip short immediately.

The Space Cowboy seeks to find a way around that, using a water-resistant synthetic fill called Eraloft, that is meant to keep dew and (very) light rain out. It uses hollow fibers, which maximize warmth while cutting down on weight. The result is an ultralight, ultra-packable bag that weighs between 1.1 and 1.5 lbs., depending on which size you go with. It rolls up and fits into the included stuff sack, and takes up practically no room in your backpack. Perfect for ultralight backpacking, long treks and short trips alike.

Zoned Insulation places the fill in the areas needed most, which helps cut down on the weight without losing any warmth. Therm-A-Rest also gives it a ThermaCapture lining on the top of the bag, which traps radiant body heat for an even cozier bag.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the Space Cowboy is how it integrates with various camping pads, with the included SynergyLink Connectors, which are a mainstay on a lot of Therm-A-Rest Sleeping Bags. Simply wrap the straps around your pad and clip. This is a great way to keep the mattress from slipping out from under you during the night. You can also add blankets and quilts for more warmth, and remove them if you don’t like them.

Too long, didn’t read: The Therm-A-Rest Space Cowboy is an ideal bag for just about any light trip where packability is important. It’s only rated to 45 degrees, but makes up for it with sheer versatility.

Therm-A-Rest-Space-Cowboy-1 Therm-A-Rest-Space-Cowboy-5 Therm-A-Rest-Space-Cowboy-2 Therm-A-Rest-Space-Cowboy-3 Therm-A-Rest-Space-Cowboy-4