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The Oregon Trail Handheld Game

Oregon Trail Handheld

Today’s “Take My Money” post carries us back to the late-80’s with a portable Oregon Trail handheld game. Sure we’re getting old, but seeing this beauty brings back so many nostalgic memories…hours spent battling the pitfalls of the historic Westward trail: snakebite, starvation, drowning, and the infamous case of fatal dysentery.

You have died of dysentery

Conceptualized by Minnesota educator Dan Rawitsch in the early 1970s, Oregon Trail began as a text based strategy game. After additional development it was updated to run on the early Apple II micro-computer and ultimately the Atari and Commodore 64, while cementing its legacy as one of the most popular educational games of all time (over 65 million copies!).

Oregon Trail screenThe Oregon Trail Handheld game features the authentic retro-80’s graphics, sounds and gameplay, just like you’ll remember from the C64 in your 5th grade classroom. Load up your wagon and set out from Independence, Missouri and hit the trail towards Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Be sure to choose your profession and travel companions wisely to ensure the best chance of making the trip safely!Fornite has nothing on the excitement of hunting for food and trading for supplies along the treacherous route of the Oregon Trail! So, whether you want to revisit the memories of the hours spent “on the trail” in grade school, or you just want to bore regale your kids with a “When I was your age…” demonstration of how good they have it, this is a must-have-toy.

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