Toilet odor has been a problem since day 1 of mankind. The problem may be resolved with The Odorless Toilet Fan. Most air purifying systems can be extremely expensive; however, Victor and Bill ingeniously created an effective, affordable system. They figured YOU don’t need to smell the odor. The unit installs inside your toilet tank to inhale all the foul-smelling air so you and others don’t have to.

There’s another aspect to eliminating the odor. Have you thought about the airborne germs generated every time you flush? There is a reason to close the lid before flushing. The Odorless tackles this issue. It is the only odor eliminating device for toilets that also filters out 99% of harmful bacteria and fungi that’s expelled every time we go #2! Odor & Bacteria are pulled directly from your toilet bowl through the vent pipe inside the tank and are captured by an Activated Carbon Filter which actually eliminates odor. No chemicals, oils or sprays are used! Stickers are available to remind your users to close that lid to keep your environment as sanitary as possible for a toilet area.

With the Odorless Toilet Fan design is similar to that of a turbine jet engine. It’s always on the ready to pull in air from your toilet bowl and force it through an activated carbon filter to remove unpleasant odors before the trickle into the bathroom. The fan contains a rechargeable NiMh battery that pairs with a sensor to turn the unit on and off automatically. It also has an alert when it’s time to recharge and change the filter. The fan package includes the fan, one filter, the sensor, the battery, a battery charger, and a wall mount.

Benefits of The Odorless Toilet Fan

  • No more embarrassing “After-Moments”
  • You won’t dread going #2 any longer.
  • Going #2 becomes a peaceful experience
  • Nobody gets judged for “destroying” the bathroom
  • Parties Goers Don’t Become Party Poopers.
  • Families actually get along better  (Scientific Fact: we make harsher moral judgments when exposed to foul odor)
  • Small Offices Could Be More Productive because of happier workers
  • Bed & Breakfasts will have less “late-night flushes that wake visitors and visitors will talk about your Odorless bathrooms!
  • Poop particles have less chance of landing on your toothbrush etc!
  • Everyone will talk about “that incredible thing” in your bathroom!
  • Your bathroom will feel cleaner, because it is cleaner!

So get your stickers, install your fan, and everyone will be happy. Who says the toilet industry isn’t going high tech?


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