Main features of The North Face Jester backpack:

  • 600D recycled polyester
  • Non-PFC water-repellent finish
  • Ultralightweight: 1.1 pounds (740 gr)
  • Overall volume: 27 liters
  • FlexVent suspension system
  • Sternum strap with a built-in whistle
  • A 15-inch laptop sleeve
  • 2x external water bottle pockets

Now that the winter is almost over, it’s about time to prepare for backpacking expeditions and other outdoor adventures. For instance, a dependable backpack is essential for carrying food, water, or EDC gear when you venture out into the unknown.

Yet, finding an affordable yet quality backpack can be easier said than done. So, to help with this process, we scoured the market and tested dozens of models. The North Face Jester Backpack comes highly recommended, so we had to see how it behaves in action. Here’s what we discovered.


Established in 1968, The North Face company grew into a global leader in the recreation products sector. Nowadays, The North Face produces top-drawer outdoor clothing and related equipment.

Since the 2000s, The North Face has shifted its focus towards streetwear. In a way, the Jester backpack is an example of this approach. Either way, The North Face is all about pushing the limits and exploring the unknown.


Whether you need a daypack for everyday carry or a professional backpack for mountaineering, it’s essential to find the best model for your budget. So, to separate the best bags from low-quality ones, consider the following criteria:


If you want a durable and long-lasting backpack, check the overall build quality before purchasing. Namely, look at the fabrics, stitching, and padding to see whether the manufacturer opted for high-quality materials.


The global market offers plenty of options regarding backpacks’ designs, primarily regarding shape and size. So, to find the most suitable model, check the aesthetic aspects alongside functionality and usability. Notably, look at the form of zippers, handles, and shoulder straps.


Speaking of functional aspects, most agree that storage space is vital for any carrying bag. In most cases, the more weight you can carry, the better. Thus, look at the load capacity before splashing the cash on a new backpack. For instance, multiple pockets and compartments will expand the options regarding storage.


Finally, look at the price tag to avoid overpaying. After all, many brands ask ridiculous prices for outdoor gear without offering top-level qualities. On the other hand, most budget-friendly backpacks will meet most users’ needs. Again, The North Face Jester is the perfect example.


Given that The North Face has more than 50 years of experience in the business, it’s not surprising to see them making top-drawer clothing and outdoor gear. Of course, the competition in this market segment is fierce, challenging The North Face to continue exploring and coming up with innovative products.

As the name implies, the Jester backpack is all about fun and enjoyment. Although it features a traditional shape, this eye-catching product is the company’s attempt to make The North Face trendy and attractive to the younger population.


As we all know, the best backpacks for hiking, cycling, or camping must be as durable as possible to survive rugged terrains and harsh weather. For that reason, The North Face opted for 600D recycled polyester when creating the Jester backpack.

Admittedly, this material is not as rugged as Cordura, but it will get the job done for most recreational hikers, backpackers, or climbers. In addition, the polyester fabric features a non-PFC water-repellent coating. As such, the Jester will handle rain or snow with ease, protecting your belongings at all times.


We already mentioned the importance of load capacity and how many things you can stuff into a backpack. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that The North Face Jester exceeds expectations and provides plenty of space for EDC gear, clothing, or anything else you want to bring along.

More precisely, the volume of storage space offered by the Jester amounts to 1648 cubic inches or 27 liters. Since the backpack’s height is 18.13 inches, the Jester has a massive central storage area alongside a spacious external pocket.

For instance, The North Face Jester also has an interior zippered pocket, ideal for smaller items and gadgets. On top of that, the padded 15-inch laptop sleeve will protect the device from falls or bumps in any terrain.


The North Face is famous for innovation and creativity, and the brand didn’t disappoint when making the Jester backpack either. For example, this model comes equipped with a FlexVent suspension system with a flexible yoke, a breathable lumbar panel, and custom-molded shoulder straps.

On top of that, the Jester backpack has a sternum strap with an integrated emergency whistle. So, the travel-friendly Jester will boost safety and security while carrying your belongings through the great outdoors.

Speaking of explorations, we should also add that this backpack can hold two water bottles in the external pockets. Therefore, you’ll always have a bottle of water within reach. But, of course, the bungee straps on the front provide extra space for quick-access necessities.


Another area where the Jester exceeds expectations is comfort and usability. Notably, the injection-molded shoulder straps combined with a padded back panel reduce fatigue and soreness.

After all, the FlexVent system boasts a certificate from the American Chiropractic Association. Once you place the backpack on your back and buckle up the sternum strap, you’ll be ready to travel for miles without feeling pain or irritation in the shoulder or back area.


If you are in the market for an affordable backpack for hiking or camping, the budget-friendly Jester could be a perfect choice. At the same time, this attention-grabbing daypack will easily find its place in the urban environment, acting as a gym bag or a student’s rucksack.

In essence, The North Face Jester is a versatile backpack, and that’s probably its biggest asset.