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The iPhone 11 Pro Is Magnificent For Games – But Which Ones?

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iPhone 11 Pro Gaming

Despite still being relatively new, the iPhone 11 Pro is widely considered to be one of the best available phones for gaming. Boasting Apple’s new A13 Bionic processor, the phone is significantly faster and more powerful than its predecessor, and has a distinct advantage over the bulk of the market in raw capability.
Throw in the most gorgeous display we’ve ever seen on a mobile phone, and the generally sleek look and feel of the phone, and it’s hard to pick against this device for gaming.

That said, it’s becoming valid to question whether we really need to consider gaming in smartphone purchases the way we have of late. More console and design companies are putting out handheld devices for the first time in years, and we pointed to the Nintendo Switch lite in a past article as “portable gaming for the future.” Indeed, it does seem as if some of these companies are attempting to reclaim on-the-go gaming from mobile providers.

This doesn’t mean both options can’t survive as gaming devices (they can and will). But it does raise the question of which iPhone 11 games specifically are worth opting for a better gaming phone for. In other words, if incredible gaming capability is part of your reason for looking into a phone like the iPhone 11 Pro, which types of games is it most valuable for?

We have a few answers worth thinking about.

1.) Apple Arcade Games

Perhaps the most obvious category to mention is that of Apple Arcade games, which are exclusive to Apple devices via a monthly subscription service. Though they’re available on a variety of Apple devices, these games are all fairly new, and in many cases are meant to be showcased by the processing power and display of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The Apple Arcade service launched with a relatively small collection, but has since grown fairly impressively. It now includes a number of noteworthy games that are among the most entertaining experiences you can have via a mobile device. Some of note are ChuChu Rocket Universe, an old-school puzzle game in which you direct mice away from various hazards and tower an escape rocket; Sonic Racing, which plugs everybody’s favorite cartoon hedgehog into a Mario Kart-like experience, and which is rendered in fairly stunning fashion; and Sayonara Wild Hearts, a TRON-like fantasy in which you guide a motorcycle through a neon realm to the tune of reengineered popular music.

These are just three of many games at this point, but they help to illustrate why Apple Arcade might be the single most compelling reason to consider a new high-end iPhone for gaming.

2.) Mobile Casino Games

This category is almost more of a prediction than anything else, but it’s important to note that mobile slot games are beginning to make their way to America. Already quite popular overseas (and in Canada for that matter), they have been largely left out of the U.S. market on the basis that real-money casino gaming is not widely permitted. However, with New Jersey relaxing its gambling laws, many international casino providers have set up shop there. And even if you don’t live in New Jersey, and can’t access these games with real betting capabilities, some of the slots are available to play for free.

Whether through this kind of free play or a gradual expansion of more lenient gambling laws that would allow for more online and mobile casinos beyond New Jersey, we expect to see more American gamers embracing this category. And as to why this is relevant for the iPhone 11 Pro, it’s basically because these modern online and mobile slots are simply more impressive from visual and audio perspectives than most might expect, and Apple’s top devices are best equipped to showcase these aspects of the games.

With most slot machine games being almost identical in gameplay and purpose, the designers behind them have in recent years begun to place great emphasis on visual and audio components. As a result, popular games like 4 Seasons, Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Viking Age are every bit as attractive and appealing as high-end mobile games. And the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are best equipped to make the most of them.

3.) Indie Games

Clearly this is a fairly broad category. While indie developers are not unique to the mobile arena, however, it is likely that they’ll continue to produce more titles compatible with mobile phones than with devices like the aforementioned Nintendo handheld. As a result, they should continue to provide some of the best value for iPhone 11 games.

Just recently, a look at some of the best indie games available for iOS devices in 2020 showcased the immensely high quality of titles in this category. It highlighted Reigns, a card-style narrative adventure with playful narratives; Monument Valley, a stunning 3D puzzle series so famous people have probably forgotten it’s an indie product; and Six O’Clock High, an arcade-style aircraft fighter – to name just a few.
ios 6 oclock high
These are the types of games that in recent years in particular have developed a sort of vibe exclusive to the mobile category. While we can’t say for certain that these titles or others like them won’t appear on other handheld devices, they’ll remain associated with phones and tablets for a long time to come. And as with the other games described here, they’re best shown off by the iPhone 11 Pro line.

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