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The Best Leg Workouts You Can Do Absolutely Anywhere

To get the desired results from your leg workouts, it is vital to perform the workouts frequently. Whether you are at home or out of town for any activity, you should be able to work on your legs. Fortunately, there are some leg workouts that you can do anywhere you are around the world. Some of these workouts don’t require any tool whereas others require portable equipment that you can carry with you wherever you are going.

If you are ready, here are the best leg workouts you can do absolutely anywhere:

Jump Squats

Apart from helping you to build your hamstrings and other parts of your legs, jump squats can aid the development of the muscles in your core and lower back.

Here are the steps for performing jump squats:

  • Stand on your feet and stretch your hips apart.

  • Move your hips back and down. Make sure your chest remains up and let your hips break just under the crease of your knee.

  • After a few seconds, jump back to your starting position.

  • Repeat the whole exercise a couple of times and increase the intensity of your jumps.

Single Leg Crunch

Single leg crunch is a crunch exercise that is targeted at improving the strength and build of your legs. The exercise doesn’t require any tool, so you can do it anywhere you want.

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees. Keep your hands at the back of your head.

  • Contract your abdominal muscles as your lift up your shoulders, neck, and head. Meanwhile, you should lift one of your knees until your thigh is at 90° to the ground.

  • Slowly bring down your upper body and extend your leg.

  • Repeat the steps 5 times. You can increase the reps of the exercise depending on how your body reacts.

Reverse Lunges

If you want to stabilize your glutes, hips, calves, and other parts of the leg, you should consider reverse lunges. You can perform this exercise by doing the following:

  • Stand firmly and put your left foot back into a lunge. Make sure your right foot stays flat on the floor while keeping your chest up and right shin vertical.

  • Now, put your left foot forward. Afterward, repeat the exercise with your right foot.


Step-ups target the muscles in the core, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. For this leg workout, you need a bench or box.

  • Put a box or bench in front of you. Lift your left foot and put it on the bench or box.

  • Keep your chest up while ensuring that your right shin remains vertical. Then, stand on the box with your left foot.

  • After a few seconds, go back to the starting position. Ensure that you don’t lose control as you perform this exercise.

  • Use your right foot to repeat the steps.

  • Continue interchanging the feet as many times as you can.

Single Leg Deadlifts

This particular leg workout is essential for anyone that wants to work on their ankles, glutes as well as hamstrings. Here are the things you need to do to perform single-leg deadlifts:

  • Stand close to a wall and place your left foot on the floor. Hinge at the hips and bend your left knee slightly. Stretch out your arms while keeping your right foot at the back.

  • Bend your right ankle and put the heel on the wall close to you. Move your right leg forward as you go back to the starting position.

You should consider doing 15 reps of the workout on each of your legs.

Touchdown Jacks

If you can get a resistance band, you can perform touchdown jacks anywhere you are.

  • Stand firmly and keep the resistance band under your knees.

  • Move out your knees as if you want to do a jumping jack and a squat. Put your feet away from your hips.

  • Move your hips back and use your left hand to touch the floor.

  • Jump your feet back into position and try the move again as the floor is touched with your right hand.

  • Repeat this leg work-out 12 times as you continue to alternate the hands.

Banded Step-outs

As the name rightly suggests, banded step-outs require a resistance band and can also be done anywhere you want. This leg workout targets your hip flexors, calves, hamstrings, and glutes.

  • Put the resistance band under your knees. Squat your hips so that they move backward. Meanwhile, make sure you keep your chest up.

  • Place your feet away from your hips and move out your right foot. After a few seconds, move the foot back in.

  • Repeat the same exercise with your left foot.

Since these exercises don’t require any expensive or large equipment and can be performed anywhere, make sure you do them regularly. Also, you need to increase the reps and intensity of the workouts to make sure that you build the muscles around your legs.

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