The Teva Omnium are versatility at its essence. While at first glance, they may not appear to be “sandals” per se, we can attest that these are some of the best hiking sandals we’ve yet to try on. With a construction halfway between a sandal and a water shoe, they provide excellent support and protection that you wouldn’t find with a typical pair of flip-flops. A cushioned Shoc Pad™ in the heel absorbs impact, while a Spider Original Rubber Outsole provides grip and traction on all surfaces.

Teva has treated the Omnium with Microban®, a zinc-based antimicrobial technology that keeps bacteria from growing and causing it to stink. The sandals use a straight-forward Velcro closure that comes on and off quickly and gets the fit just right.

What’s the benefit of hiking sandals over regular hiking shoes? The first is that they are ultralight – the Omnium come in at only 12 ounces per shoe, which is sure to keep your feet from becoming too tired on long hikes. They also give a sense of natural freedom that is hard to come by with enclosed boots. There’s a reason so many hikers swear by them – at least in the warmer months. Sure, you’re missing out on waterproof and insulation, but for the right conditions, there is nothing like slipping on a pair of hiking sandals, like the Teva Omnium. We’ve worn a pair or two in our day, and these are clearly some of the best hiking sandals we’ve tried.

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