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Tentsile Stingray: Half Tent, Half Treehouse for Camping in Style

Tentsile Stingray Tent

Tentsile tents, like the Stingray, are something a bit different – a combination of tent and camping hammock, or as Tentsile likes to call them, the adult version of the treehouse, ready for camping. It suspends between trees, like a hammock might, but is designed as a full-on tent, with ceiling, mesh and rainfly all at once.

The Stingray features a triple hammock exterior that essentially splits the interior into three separate, comfortable spots for three people to sleep in. The top ceiling is a micro-mesh to keep bugs out and let you breathe comfortably; no condensation builds up. A rainfly goes over the top when the weather does turn bad. Materials are 240D nylon-polyester composite (reinforced with 20+ meters of seatbelt) on the floor, while the mesh fly is 70D PU coated waterproof polyester.

And you can get in two different ways – with the customary front door, or with the floor hatch in the center (which is actually really cool). It can handle a maximum load of about 880 pounds, which is pretty dang hefty – and more than enough for 3 people. You can also stash gear, boots, etc under the tent to keep them dry and covered.

The only real downside to the Tentsile Stingray? It isn’t light. At all. The whole kit weighs 19 pounds when packed up, and measures 10 x 25 inches in your back. An option for ultralight backpacking, this is not, but you do get a lot of space for a tent.

The Stingray excels at one thing – getting you off the ground, while providing the same space and comfort as a full-on tent. If you’d like even more space, you can setup the Trillium hammock below and have two levels of comfortable hammock, sleeping 6 people total.

Tentsile is also committed to giving back to the environment we all love so much – they plant 18 trees for every tent sold and have so far planted over 140,000 new trees.

Overall, the Tentsile Stingray is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family in pure comfort. Sleep Easy.

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