Main features of Ten Thousand men’s athletic wear collections:

  • Purpose-built activewear for men
  • Simplistic, functional designs
  • Moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Durable and resilient materials
  • Free shipping and returns within the US

Finding a high-quality yet reasonably priced activewear brand can be tricky because there are many options, especially online. But what if we told you that a New York-based company ticks the boxes and offers everything you could need for training and an active lifestyle?

Ten Thousand might be a young brand, but it has already attracted a massive fan base. Many even rank it among the best brands for active men in 2022. So, could it be the perfect fit for you?

We browsed its catalog and checked what’s available in Ten Thousand collections. Here’s what we discovered.


Founded in 2015 by Keith Nowak and Eugenio Labadie, Ten Thousand still has much to prove. And even though this activewear label is relatively young, the ambitious designers are ready to take Ten Thousand to the very top of the athletic apparel industry.

The name Ten Thousand draws inspiration from Buddhist and Taoist writings, where ‘ten thousand things’ illustrate the diversity found in the universe. On the other hand, the phrase also denotes the tenacity and grit required to perform a movement ten thousand times with stoic dedication.


Since this New York company focuses on continuous improvement, each batch they release is better than the previous. The people behind this brand enjoy pushing the limits and creating the best activewear garments money can buy. Therefore, the current Ten Thousand collections are up with the best in the athletic apparel segment.

However, this label doesn’t do flashy colors, bright graphics, or extravagant designs. On the contrary, Ten Thousand is all about purpose-built garments and no-frills aesthetics. The simplistic designs align with the company’s stoic ethos but primarily focus on functionality and practicality.

So, what can you find in the Ten Thousand online shop? The collections cover almost everything a gym-goer could need, including shorts, pants, socks, shirts, baselayers, midlayers, and even jackets. Sounds good?


We’ll start the overview with Ten Thousand shorts, given that this label offers a dozen top-drawer shorts for running, swimming, hiking, or CrossFit. For instance, the award-winning Foundation Short provides unmatched durability, making it ideal for outdoor activities or powerlifting sessions.

The same goes for the rugged Tactical short, which features military-grade ripstop fabrics. As the name implies, Ten Thousand developed these shorts in collaboration with the US Special Forces.

On the other hand, the Recover shorts from Ten Thousand athletic wear could be your go-to shorts for off days and active recovery.


After shorts, we’re moving on to shirts, given that Ten Thousand offers an impressive collection of T-shirts. We mentioned that Ten Thousand boasts a no-nonsense approach, and you can see the same Spartan-like attitude in the names of the shirts.

Namely, Ten Thousand shirts feature names like Versatile, Durable, or Lightweight. Some models have even more descriptive titles, like the Durable Muscle Tee or the Versatile Long Sleeve shirt.

Either way, you can expect breathable fabrics with anti-odor treatment, zero chafing, and maximum versatility. So, these shirts are safe if you like to break a sweat and push your body to the limits.


Shorts and shirts are only the beginning of what you can find in Ten Thousand collections—for example, this activewear label also manufactures high-quality pants for workouts or recovery.

Again, the names are self-explanatory, and Ten Thousand sells models named Session, Recover, Tactical, or Interval. However, the best Ten Thousand pants are the Foundation, an ultra-durable model with abrasion-resistant fabric and four-way stretchiness for maximum mobility.

Ten Thousand pants also feature silver-ion anti-odor treatment, reducing the unpleasant post-workout smells. Some models, like the Tactical pants, have a DWR water-repellent coating for extra protection against the elements.


It’s no secret that Ten Thousand encourages people to go outside and spend time in nature. In addition, the company offers a selection of midlayer garments to help you tackle windy days or chilly mornings.

Notably, the Ten Thousand Tactical Over Zip shirt developed in collaboration with US Special Forces features ripstop shell reinforcements and a resilient Polartec power grid fabric.

Ten Thousand hoodies can withstand the harshest weather conditions because they have a water-repellent shell. If that’s not enough and you need more protection for the snowy days, the Insulated Tech Jacket from Ten Thousand will ensure you stay warm and dry.


If you are into weightlifting, you’ll understand the importance of stability and support provided by lifting tights and other baselayers. Ten Thousand is also aware of these aspects, and they manufacture several premium garments for intense gym sessions.

Ten Thousand collection will let you choose between full-length tights, ¾ models, and classic lifting tights. In addition, the extensive Ten Thousand catalog also features compression shorts and the runner-friendly Distance half tights.

Most importantly, these ultralight garments have a dual-layer crotch design for guaranteed coverage during the most grueling lifts, jumps, or tackles.


Finally, we’ve come to the lowest but not the least important part of our bodies—the feet. Of course, Ten Thousand collections also cover this area, and you’ll find several top-quality socks in their library.

For instance, the comfortable and breathable Training socks come in crew and ankle variations, allowing you to choose the models suiting your style. Another valuable element of these high-performance socks is the anti-odor protection provided by XT2 silver-ion threads.

We should also mention that Ten Thousand socks have strategic cushioning, anatomical arch support, and a breathable mesh. What more could you need?


And there you have it—a comprehensive overview of the current Ten Thousand collections. These garments and accessories feature a timeless aesthetic, premium materials, and excellent craftsmanship.

Most importantly, Ten Thousand rigorously tested the designs, making each product ready to handle intense sessions. So, if you need high-quality athletic apparel for indoor or outdoor workouts, check out Ten Thousand collections.