Tecnica, out of Italy, released their first heat-moldable, customizable hiking boots a couple years ago – dubbed the Forge. They were the world’s first customizable trekking boot, and they were a success. So much so that Tecnica released a sequel – the Tecnica Plasma, the world’s first customizable running shoe. Now they’re making it a trilogy, with the new Tecnica Origin trail runner.

Origin: Trail Running Shoes With C.A.S Footbed

The Origin’s main selling point is the C.A.S Footbed, which stands for Custom Adaptive Shape. It’s a heat-moldable footbed that can be custom-shaped and customized to your own unique foot in a matter of minutes, using their special C.A.S machine, which heats the footbed up to 180 degrees and molds and plies it into shape.

What does it this mean? It means that there’s no break-in with these running shoes. As soon as the 20-minute, 160-millibar molding process is done, you’ll have a superbly comfortable, perfectly fitting pair of runners adorning your feet and just itching to tear up some pavement. They won’t be too tight or too roomy, they’ll have the perfect amount of heel pressure and hold, and they’ll feel like your favorite pair of broken in boots from the very first step. Tecnica even perforated the footbed, creating even more ventilation as your feet start to sweat.

High-Traction Outsole + All the Design Details

Tecnica Origin Trail Runners Custom 2Custom footbed aside, the Origin hits and wins on all the design details you’d expect from a premium pair of running shoes. They use a de-structured upper, which creates a lot more flex and comfort on every foot (and every step). They even designed the forefoot for trail running, with extra flex. And Tecnica constructed the upper from abrasion-resistant polyester textile with TPU reinforcement. That means lightness and durability. The outsole uses Vibram Megagrip. MegaGrip has a reputation for excelling in wet and muddy conditions as much as dry ones.

Tecnica Origin: Out This Summer

The Origin has only just been announced and won’t hit retailers until July. Even then, it’ll only be a limited release. Expect it to be available widely in the spring of 2020, with an MSRP of $170. Expect it to come in two models – the Origin LT and heavier Origin XT.