It’s a new year, which means it’s time for all new advancements in the world of technology! Each year, the biggest and best tech companies gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES.

Every year they bring with them a whole slew of gadgets that are sure to blow minds and get people excited. As you can imagine, 2018 is no exception.

From games to smart appliances to TVs and everything in between, we’ve got a comprehensive list of tech products you’ll want to keep an eye out for in the coming year.

The Reverse Microwave

Reverse Microwave
When the microwave oven was first introduced in 1967, it revolutionized the way we cooked. Millions of people were able to make complete meals — regardless of skill.

Now, a brand new product is looking to make similar waves, but in the opposite direction.

Introducing the reverse microwave from Frigonda!

Think of it as having similar effects as a microwave, just for cooling. Now, the reverse microwave was first shown off five years ago in 2013, but it’s taken some tweaking to get it ready for consumers.

Frigonda is ready to introduce the product to market later this year. Consumers can expect to enjoy cool drinks in a matter of seconds. In 2013, it took around 30 to 45 seconds to chill a beer or soda, so we can only imagine the tech has advanced even more.

The HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive ProThose who crave the latest tech news already know that VR isn’t a sci-fi fantasy anymore, it’s a very real product. Two years ago, HTC unleashed its first home market VR headset, the HTC Vive.

The results were…mixed at best. Consumers seemed to love the idea of VR, but the tech wasn’t quite up to date. It was too easy to become entangled in the headset’s numerous wires, and the screen left a lot to be desired.

Now, HTC is back with a refined version of the Vive, dubbed the Vive Pro. This brand new headset seems better than its predecessor.

With an AMOLED screen, dual microphones, USB 3.0 tech, and wireless capabilities, 2018 may finally be the year that VR makes its mark.

The Oculus Go

Oculus Go
VR is great and all, but not everyone has the money to spend on an expensive new headset. Enter the Oculus GO from the Facebook-backed company Oculus.

If the HTC Vive was met with mixed results, the Oculus Rift was met with more scorn. Yet Oculus seems to have taken these criticisms to heart, focusing on more consumer-friendly headsets, such as the GO.

The GO is, at its core, a mid-level VR headset. It’s priced competitively at $199 and features a gorgeous screen as well as breathable straps (no more sweaty faces!).

In essence, this is the headset for those who want to show their friends and family what VR is capable of. It isn’t as powerful as its two big brothers, but those looking for an affordable VR experience would do well to look at the GO.

Razer’s Project Linda

Razer's Project Linda
Mobile technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. It seems impossible to imagine our lives without having a world of information at our fingertips.

That small cellphone screen isn’t always great for productivity. Hardware giant Razer has your back with its new project, dubbed Project Linda.

Razer has created the perfect middle step between smartphone and laptop with Linda. Users take their phone and plug it into the laptop’s base, which doubles as a charging unit.

When plugged in, the touchscreen functions much like a laptop’s trackpad. And since Linda’s laptop base includes a full keyboard, it’s easier than ever to take your work on the go.

Samsung’s The Wall

Samsung's The Wall

Many may associate The Wall with music legends Pink Floyd, but Samsung is hoping to change that with its new television.

What makes The Wall worth mentioning? A few things.

First is, yes, it’s massive size. It’s called The Wall for a reason, as it can literally take up the entire space of a wall if you wish. This alone makes it one of the best tech products for those who entertain regularly.

But that’s not the coolest thing about it if you can believe it. The Wall is the world’s first modular TV, meaning it has the capability to change size.

Have a little space? No problem! Want to project images on the side of your apartment complex? The Wall has you covered with an up to 146-inch screen! Yes, you read that right. This is a 146-inch television and promises 8K imagery in an industry where 4K is just coming to market.

A price point hasn’t been announced yet, but expect this cool gadget to cost a pretty penny when it’s released later this year.

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo is still synonymous with innovation in the games industry, as last year’s release of the Switch proved. We even called Super Mario Odyssey the best-reviewed game of 2017.

From the makers of the Wii and Switch comes…cardboard? Nintendo recently unveiled its latest product, Nintendo Labo.

Aimed at children and those who are young at heart, the Labo is part science kit, part model, and part toy. Users create objects like pianos, fishing rods, and even a mech suit. Since it’s cardboard, it’s stored and even easier to customize.

Once users have finished constructing their cool new toys, they use the Switch tablet and accompanying Joy Cons to control and play with their creations, making it the perfect fit for RC car construction or fishing minigames.

Consumers can choose from two tech products at launch, the Variety Kit, and the Robot Kit. While it seems insane to ask consumers to pay $69 and $79, we’re curious to see what users come up with.

2018 Will Be a Great Year for Tech Products

January isn’t even over yet, and already we’ve seen tons of innovative new tech products slated to hit store shelves this year.

Want to learn more about these products or just find out what else is on the market? Then be sure to stick with the Gear for Life tech blog for all things tech and entertainment!