Taylor Stitch The Main features of the Taylor Stitch the Shackleton Hoodie:

  • Named after Ernest Shackleton
  • 100% organic French terry
  • Micro-sanded for extra softness
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Antique nickel snaps at the collar
  • Kangaroo patch pocket

Having a reliable hoodie is a must for any modern man. This universal leisurewear will provide comfort and warmth, regardless of whether you spend hours working in the backyard or just chilling on the porch.

Yet, not all hoodies are the same, and some come with better features than others. For instance, the cool-looking Taylor Stitch the Shackleton Hoodie comes highly recommended, meeting the needs of various users. So, let’s see what makes it so appealing.

Inspired by Iconic Achievements

Before we review the actual hoodie, with all the designs and materials, we should first explain the name of this product. After all, it’s not every day that you find a hoodie inspired by the great explorer Ernest Shackleton himself.

Yes, the Shackleton, the one who made those heroic treks to the Antarctic. As it seems, Taylor Stitch named the product after the iconic adventurer because this workwear hoodie can withstand elements with ease. Moreover, it can survive plenty of wear and tear, but we’ll get to that shortly.

High-Quality Materials

Taylor Stitch has a reputation to maintain, and they can’t afford any compromises with materials and fabrics. Therefore, the Shackleton Hoodies feature only the best, such as the organic-cotton French terry. This hefty, 11-once material will only get softer with time, but it already comes super-comfy.

Aside from the durable French terry, this hoodie also has a stretchy rib area, featuring 2% spandex and 98% organic cotton. Also, you’ll notice heavy duty ribbing at the cuffs, hem, and pockets.

Maximum Comfort with Timeless Design

As we said earlier, hoodies need to be as versatile and as flexible as possible. After all, we wear them during various activities, from TV-watching with our loved ones to beer-drinking with the boys. Hence, Taylor Stitch had to go above and beyond to make the Shackleton hoodie extra comfortable.

And they passed the test with flying colors. For instance, the innovative Taylor Stitch the Shackleton Hoodie comes with ribbed side panels for extra mobility. Likewise, the spacious kangaroo pocket at the front will provide warmth but also offer storage space. Plus, we should mention the two vintage-looking nickel snaps at the collar of the hood.

Should You Buy It?

These days, the market offers a broad range of options for leisurewear and workwear. Nevertheless, finding the ideal hoodie can be tricky because most models don’t combine durability and design. In other words, they are either extra-rugged or too fancy to be practical.

Luckily, we stumbled upon Taylor Stitch the Shackleton Hoodie, an eye-catching model that can withstand the elements. Thus, you will not make a mistake by ordering this perfectly proportioned warm hug you can wear on all sorts of adventures and expeditions.