Main features of Taylor Stitch the Lined Shop Shirt

  • Excellent boss duck fabric
  • Organic-cotton flannel lining
  • California collar
  • Double panel yoke details
  • Flat hem
  • 4-Hole buttons

Arguably, Taylor Stitch focuses on a somewhat small portion of the clothing market. Nonetheless, they refuse to conform to the norms, and the company always adds a unique touch to their selection of eye-catching shirts and jackets.

From what we’ve seen, Taylor Stitch the Lined Shop Shirt in Coal Boss Duck might be one of their best products up to date. The design, functionality, and overall quality are up to par with some of the most expensive shirts out there.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s check.

Boss Duck Fabric

In essence, Boss Duck is a custom-made, unique material specially designed for Taylor Stitch. It comprises several different fabrics that work perfectly well with each other.

Precisely, the primary material is hemp, as 54% of this fabric consists of it. Then comes the synthetic element since 30% of the Boss Duck is recycled polyester. On top of that, organic cotton takes 14% of the mix. Finally, 2% of spandex rounds up the formula.

The addition of spandex means that this shirt is stretchy, and it won’t tear up easily. All in all, the combination creates a comfortable and super warm fabric.

Effortless Maintenance

Thanks to the advanced properties of the Boss Duck fabric, Taylor Stitch The Lined Shop Shirt is easy to wash and dry. It takes almost zero effort to keep this shirt in perfect condition.

Admittedly, you could damage it during the washing process if you don’t use cold water. Boss Duck material is easy to wash, and thus you don’t need a high temperature to keep it clean. Likewise, a simple low tumble dry is all that is necessary.

Attractive Design

The Lined Shop Shirt comes with two oversized front pockets with button-through flaps. Plus, it features a chest pocket with a small compartment for pens.

Also, a flat hem and double flannel yoke lining are among the features you’ll get with this shirt. The trademark California collar is also a feature unique to Taylor Stitch products.

We should also say that this shirt might not be your traditional summer clothing as it has an 8 oz. cotton flannel lining. As expected, this feature allows wearing the Shop Shirt during colder days with no additional wardrobe.

Should You Buy It?

In a way, Every Taylor Stitch shirt comes at a price, no surprises there. So, like all others, the cool-looking Taylor Stitch The Lined Shop Shirt is relatively expensive. However, the quality and the range of features more than compensate for the hefty price tag.

The Lined Shop Shirt in Coal Boss Duck is worth it because it comes with a modern design while still being refreshing and different from other shirts on the market. Likewise, the choice of material makes this shirt comfortable and easy to clean.