Main features of Taylor Stitch The Jack In The Army Everyday Oxford Shirt:

  • 6 Oz. 100% organic cotton
  • Jack button-down collar
  • Double-needle construction
  • Burly Rugby Oxford
  • Lock-stitched buttons
  • No pleats

Finding a shirt you can wear all year round can be tricky, but it’s not impossible if you know where to look. For instance, all products from Taylor Stitch come with a modern design, splashed with dashes of vintage. Best of all, their clothing lines are well-suited for any weather.

Namely, Taylor Stitch The Jack In The Army Everyday Oxford is a shirt you can wear every day, no matter the season. Since this model combines functionality, comfort, and stylish design, we had to test it and verify the quality. Here’s what we discovered.

100% Organic Cotton

In a way, the somewhat higher price of The Jack In The Army comes down to the fabric itself, the exquisite 6 oz. 100% cotton. As we all know, cotton is a premium material, but not many companies nowadays use it. On the other hand, for a high-quality product, cotton is a necessity.

Moreover, most brands will mix it with other fabrics to reduce the price of apparel. However, Taylor Stitch opted for 100% cotton because it makes The Jack In The Army Everyday Oxford both highly comfortable and durable.

Double-Needle Felled Construction

Taylor Stitch always looks for ways to improve its products. The goal is to make every item as long-lasting as possible. This line of thinking introduced the double-needle felled stitch construction throughout the Jack in the Army shirt.

Thus, this model offers excellent sturdiness and resistance to wear and tear. In essence, the double-needle felled construction increases the durability of The Jack In The Army Everyday Oxford. And, thanks to the use of pure cotton, this product will not damage during the washing or drying process (wash in cold water, tumble dry on low).

Short And Tailored Fit

The Jack In The Army Everyday Oxford is a shirt you should not tuck in your pants. The design aims for casual wear and a relaxed fit, so the shirt is shorter than most other models.

On the other hand, this product comes with wide armholes that allow for excellent mobility and freedom of movement. More often than not, this handy feature will prevent potential tearing when you flail your limbs and dance the night away.

Is It Worth It?

Even though it might seem expensive, Taylor Stitch The Jack In The Army Everyday Oxford is worth every penny. The range of features it offers makes it a unique model, combining sturdiness with the right amount of softness.

After all, this model is far from being a shirt you will throw away easily. It is durable enough to last a decade. The quality of Taylor Stitch shirts is way beyond run-of-the-mill shirts that fall apart after a few months. On the contrary, this one will stay with you for a good portion of your life, and that is why it’s worthy of attention.