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Tanking American Style – Your Next Rafting Float Trip

Tanking Rafting Float Trip

Get your kicks…tanking on the river. Just when you thought all outdoor activities were set, someone decided a rafting float trip would be cool in a livestock tank. Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rentals is making Nebraska a unique tourist attraction.

The uniquely Nebraskan water “sport,” tanking, is like tubing on steroids. These tanks can accommodate groups of three to six people comfortably as they float down stream. The large livestock tanks are outfitted with seating and coolers to carry passengers on calm waterways. The stream provides the motion, and a paddle on board can gently change course. Because of the tank’s cumbersome and circular shape, they bob up and down and rotate like a slow-motion tilt-o-whirl. Bring back the memories of the “Tilt a Whirl” at the county fair.

Tanking River Float

Tanking exemplifies simplicity. As you float, watch the local waterfowl, soak up the sun, and enjoy lunch and brews.

So the next time you feel bored with the same old canoe or kayak, consider booking a trip to Nebraska to try out tanking for yourself.

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