Best French Watches 2019

The Best French Watches You Probably Still Can’t Afford

Think “watch” and you probably think “Swiss" - and for good reason; Swiss-made watches generally dominate. But did you know their neighbors to the north – the French – are almost as good?

Flex Watches

Flex Watches are Watches For A Good Cause

Buying nice gear is always fun, but it’s even better when you know that spending is going to a good cause.

Vaer Watches Banner Image

Vaer Watches: Stylish. Affordable. Handmade in America.

Good, timeless watches don’t have to be expensive. That was the idea behind Vaer, the Los Angeles-based, small-batch watchmaker.


These Are Five Of The Best Affordable Watches of 2019

Finding a watch that you just absolutely love can be tough. Finding an affordable one can be even harder; we ain't all got Rolex money, and an off the shelf Wal-Mart watch is gonna cut it for your tastes.

Ulta Kainoa Chronograph

Aulta Surf Chronograph’s Are Built For Adventure

Skagen Falster 2

3 Stylish Skagen Watches Without The Hefty Asking Price

Holzkern Alpen Glow

Your Next Watch Should Be A Wooden One From Holzkern

Vortic Made In America Watches

Happy 4th. These Gorgeous Vortic Watches Are Made Right Here In America.

About Vintage 1815 Chronograph Watch

About Vintage Watches: Timeless Timepieces With Minimalist Appeal