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Fenix PD36R Tactical Flashlight

The Fenix PD36R Tactical Flashlight: Your Go-To EDC Flashlight

The rechargeable Fenix PD36R Tactical Flashlight checks all the boxes. You get 1600 Lumens with a beam distance of 928 feet as well as 5 output modes.

Fenix LR40R Rechargeable 12000 Lumen Flashlight

The Fenix LR40R Rechargeable LED Flashlight is Like the “Sun in Your Hands”

The Fenix LR40R LED Flashlight checks all the boxes when looking for a durable, high-quality flashlight. High lumens, waterproof, rechargeable, power bank capability, long run time are the primary features of this flashlight.

Fenix E30R Flashlight

Fenix E30R Compact Flashlight is a GAME CHANGER at 1600 Lumens

Fenix has stepped up its game with the new Fenix E30R Compact, Rechargeable EDC Flashlight. How can you get 1600 Lumens out of a flashlight just 3.9 inches in length? Fenix figured it out.

Fenix HM50R Headlamp 3

Fenix HM50R Review: This Ultralight Headlamp Doubles As A Handheld Flashlight

Fenix PD25

Don’t Underestimate the Fenix PD25: Hands-On Review Of This Compact, Sturdy Taclight

Best Fenix Flashlights

5 Best Fenix Flashlights for 2018 For Hiking, Biking and Tactical Pursuits

Fenix TK75 LED Flashlight
Home List

Fenix TK75 LED Flashlight: When You Need 5100 Lumens to Light 2788 Feet


This VSSL Flask is The Coolest Flashlight We’ve Seen