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The Mother of Tactical Pens! TriTac Tactical Pen by SG StatGear

TriTac Tactical Pens by SG StatGear

Tactical pens all seem to be the same–until you check out SG StatGear’s TriTac Tactical Pen. The TriTac takes EDC tactical pens to a new evolutional level. SG StatGear has creatively incorporated a 440c stainless blade into the body of the pen. Also included is the standard tungsten carbide glass breaker. Many low-end tactical pens concentrate on the “tactical” features and put little quality in the actual writing pen feature. Not so with the TriTac.  When it comes to writing quality, we are all familiar with Fisher Space Pens. The TriTac features a heavy duty bolt-action mechanism for the Fisher Space Ink Cartridge™, which allows one to write in the most extreme conditions, from wet to outer space! The pen is engineered from aircraft aluminum, and features an ergonomic grip for maximum writing comfort.

TriTac Tactical Pens Specifications

  • Aircraft aluminum body featuring an ergonomic grip
  • Fisher Space Ink Cartridge™
  • Tungsten carbide window punch
  • 440c stainless steel blade
  • Overall length: 161mm
  • Blade: 39mm(l) x 12mm(w)
  • Blade housing width: 17mm
  • Weight: 1.7 oz.


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